The table of all tomes the Wizard can use.

Tomes are the weapons utilized by Wizards. They function similarly to Saws, but it costs Mana to use various attacks. The Mana always drains according to the amount of projectiles, so even if the MP hasn't reached 0, the Wizard can still attack. Its AGI starts from a buffed magician and increases by 30 for every weapon level.

The names do not contain the word "Tome", except for the starting weapon.

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Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type Bonus AT Mana Cost Buy Sell Creator
Tome 1 Tome 5-5 50-60 90 Fire 5-5 (0.5s) 3 100 12 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Starting weapon; not a physical-type weapon. Produces a small fireball which leaves a brief fire cloud upon collision, but only goes horizontally.
Tome 1-1 Fire 1 5-10 50-60 60 Fire 2 (*5) 250 31 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Creates 5 clouds of fire (for a total of 10 Mana) which head towards the enemy. Fire lasts for 2 seconds.
Tome 1-2 Ice 1 8-16 50-60 60 Ice Slow 20% 8 500 62 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: An ice wave is created and heads towards the enemy.
Tome 1-3 Explosion 1 10-20 50-60 70 Fire 5-20 12 750 93 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Makes an explosion which damages multiple enemies within a range 10 radius.
Tome 1-4 Lightning 1 1-33 80-90 70 Thunder 5-20 6 (*2) 1000 125 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: 2 lightning bolts appear from the sky (for a total of 12 Mana) and head straight at the enemy.
Tome 2-1 Flame 2 10-10 80-90 70 Fire 5 (*4) 1500 187 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: 4 fireballs will be launched in the four cardinal locations whilst ignoring terrain. Fire lasts for 5 seconds.
Tome 2-2 Freeze 2 8-8 80-90 80 Freeze Time 0.5s 16 2000 250 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: A big cloud will freeze the enemies in a 16 range diameter.
Tome 2-3 Poison 2 1-1 80-90 80 Poison Time 2s 25 2500 312 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: A big poisonous cloud appears right upon the enemy.
Tome 2-4 Shock 2 1-45 80-90 120 Thunder 10 (*up to 3) 3000 375 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Generates a shock on the targeted enemy and a another shock generates beside it to left and right, provided if there are enemies beside it. It does not shock the same enemy twice if there are only 2 enemies the 3rd hit will not happen if there is not a 3rd enemy. Possible exceptions go to big enemies and bosses.
Tome 3-1 Meteorite 3 25-75 110-120 180 Fire 12-15 24 4000 500 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: A meteor will head towards an enemy. It will then leave a cloud that lasts for a second.
Tome 3-2 Hail 3 10-15 110-120 120 Ice Slow 25% 2 (*up to 50) 4500 562 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Will rain spikes at an angle. The amount of shards are based on how many enemies are in range of the wizard, similarly to the priest's lightning staff 2, but the amount can go up to 50.
Tome 3-3 Rising Poison 3 1-2 110-120 150 Poison Time 2s 4 (*up to 25) 5000 625 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Produces poison clouds which appear on the ground and rise up. Like Hail 3, the amount of gases are based on how many enemies are in range of the wizard, but the amount can go up to 25.
Tome 3-4 Ice Meteorite 3 10-30 110-120 70 Ice Time 3s 6 5500 687


Note: Produces summons bolt off-screen. Bursts into 3 spikes going into a triangle formation. Drops 3 ice spikes while flying at the enemy.
Tome 4-1 Chain Shock 4 1-33 140-150 150 Thunder 7 (*up to 14) 6000 750 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Same as the Shock 2 but can produce up to 14 shocks, but in case of low enemy quantity, the effect stacks evenly spread.
Tome 4-2 Snowflake 4 20-30 140-150 150 Freeze Time 1.6s 30 (*up to 3) 6500 812 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: 1 snowflake hits the enemy while the other 2 launches into the air, soon to hit the ground.
Tome 4-3 Fire Wall 4 4-8 140-150 150 Fire 75 7000 875 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: From the hit enemy, it creates a huge flame that covers up around 1/4 height of the screen and goes across the stage horizontally.
Tome 4-4 Poison Rain 4 2-3 140-150 150 Posion Time 2.3s 2(*up to 20) 7500 937 1X3B
Note: Same as the original Blizzard Orb 2 but rains green pellet's instead.
Tome 5-1 Cosmic Blaze 5 70-110 360-420 70 Fire 27-30 144 8000 1000 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Summons a bolt off-screen. When it hits anything it bursts in to a circle composed of 20 clouds which keep going outwards.
Tome 5-R Elemental Storm 5 4-8
170-180 150 Fire

Time (Fr) 0.8s

56 (*up to 2) 8500/85000
(depends on no. of compo slots)
1062 1X3B
Note: This Resort weapon summons only 2 types of projectiles per shot. Thunder generates on top of the enemy and falls directly to the ground and stays there for a while. Ice bolts summon on top of the Wizard and heads for the enemy. Orange pellet drops and explodes into fire spreading to all directions and lasts for about  2.5s. Will shoot fire thunder and freeze together each 5 uses. Can shoot multiple types each 20 uses.
Tome 5-2 Thunderous Blast 5 1-66 170-180 150 Thunder 2-3 5 (*Up to 20) 8500 1062 1X3B
Note: Blasts out 1-20 bolts. All bolts have different speed and they have a range of in-between 20-150. Also has different angles.
Tome 5-3 Poison Meteor 5 3-4 170-180 80 Poison Time 3s 20 9000 1125 1X3B
Note: Summons a green meteor which crashes down on the enemy. The meteor explodes into a compound of 8 poison clouds. The meteor also leaves a poison gas trail.
Tome 5-4 Ice Shard 5 20-25 170-180 150 Ice

Slow 45%

6 (*Up to 40) 9500 1187 1X3B
Note: Launches an ice meteor. After it crashes, it summons a large blizzard. The blizzard summons 2 shards of ice at 10 per second.
Tome 6-1 Blazing Splitter 6 10-15 200-210 150 Fire Time 6s 2(*up to 90) 10000 1250 1X3B
Note: Launches out a pellet which spread's into 3 pellet's then they all spread out flames in a circular motion one by one counter-clockwise. Not the ones that stay on the ground. Ignores terrain. After all the flames finish 3 big heat gasses will spawn and home in on enemies. Summons flame in the air if it touches a flying enemy. Overpowered.
Tome 6-2 Freeze Flare 6 11-22 200-210 150 Freeze Time 2.2s 20(*Up to 8) 11000 1375 1X3B
Note: Launches a tiny snowflake which create ice flames.
Tome 6-3 Thunder Cloud 6 1-99 200-210 60 Thunder 2 (*Up to 200) 12000 1500 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Launches a grey cloud which attacks similarly to the Angel's Charge Circle 4. The cloud lasts for 5 seconds.
Tome 6-4 Venomous Gas 6 5-6 200-210 150 Poison Time 3.8s 60 13000 1625 1X3B
Note: Launches a poison pellet that explodes when anything touches it. Explodes into a compound of 30 clouds which spread out and have different speeds and ranges.
Tome 7-1 Chaotic Weather 7 8-18
230-240 150 Fire

Time (Fr) 1.2s

45(*Up to 3) 14000 1750 1X3B
Note: An upgraded version of Elemental Storm. Summons 3 particles per shot. Launches 3 heat gasses with homing ability lasting for 5 seconds each. Summons a chain shock which attacks 30 enemies at once and summons a large ice gas which freezes enemies.
Tome 7-2 Frost Bite 7 1-99 230-240 135 Freeze Time 0.5-3.5s 20(*Up to 8) 15000 1875 1X3B
Note: Freezes random amounts of enemies in range. Doesn't launch any projectile. An X appears on the enemy and freezes the enemy. The higher the damage, the higher the freeze time.
Tome 7-3 Crystal Downfall 7 20-40 230-240 135 Ice Slow 60% 8(*Up to 30) 16000 2000 Look-a-troopa
Note: Summons Blue particles and makes them rain down on an area. Once they hit the floor, crystals will form. The particles can hit once, the crystals can hit until they disappear after a few seconds. Stays for 3s.
Tome 7-4 Stigma 7 12-35 230-240 160 Physical 20(*Up to 9) 17000 2125 Ludicrine
Note: Creates black needles that attack enemies. the needles spawn in an arc around the nearest enemy and homes in around them, so there is a small chance of missing. Creates a minimum of 5 needles per attack, though more are added depending on the "size" of the enemy. Big enemies have a minimum of 6 needles around them, boss enemies have a minimum of 7, those humongous enemies have a minimum of 8, and megabosses have a minimum of 9. High range, but only targets one at a time.
Tome 8-1 Dark Arts 8 10-25
260-270 120 Fire
4.5s 10(*Up to 20) 18000 2250 Look-a-troopa, 1X3B (Modified)
Note: Summons Purple particles and makes them rain down on an area. The particles cling to enemies and do continuous damage of a random element.
Tome 8-2 Luck Shot 8 1-9999 260-270 150 Physical 100 19000 2375 1X3B
Note: Launches a green clover shaped projectile at the enemy.
Tome 8-3 Toxic Radiation 8 7-8 260-270 195 Poison 6.0s 1(*Up to 300) 20000 2500 1X3B
Note: Launches a poison pellet which rapidly releases gas upon contact with anything in a circular motion.
Tome 8-4 Scalding Ice Flare 8 1-85 260-270 200 Ice Slow 60% 5(*Up to 50) 21000 2625 1X3B
Note: Launches a snowflake which releases flames very quickly upon contact with anything.
Tome 9-1 Screeching Thunder 9 1-999 290-300 250 Thunder 2(*Up to 300) 22000 2750 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Launches a thunderbolt which bounces onto other enemies 300 times. Does not bounce on the same enemy.
Tome 9-2 Ghost Flame 9 20-25 290-300 250 Fire 450 23000 2875 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Fires a white-ish flame which has pierce and home functions. Flame stays for 9s.
Tome 9-3 Deadly Toxic 9 9-10 290-300 250 Poison Time 2s 16* 24000 3000 1X3B, HGD (modified)
Note: Launches a tiny poison pellet which makes the enemy it hits launch another poison pellet at the next enemy, and so on until it reaches the opposite side of the screen, consuming mana for each of its creation.
Tome 9-4 Sub Zero 9 70-80 290-300 250 Freeze Time 7.5s 3(*Up to 500) 25000 3125 1X3B
Note: Generates a large circle on an enemy and freezes it, any other enemy that touches the circle freezes and creates a freeze circle. Goes on 500 times. Circle lasts for 7.5s as well as the freeze.
Tome S-1 Unholy Fire S 50-60 320-330 300 Fire 8.0s 1(*Up to 1000) 26000 3250 1X3B
Note: Launches a yellow fire at a enemy. Fire has infinite pierce. Every enemy hit by the flame will release flames in every direction in an arch like the original Fire Rise 4 orb. Every enemy hit by this flame's health will go down by 500/second for 8 seconds. Extra flames have 25-30 damage. If the extra flames hit an enemy, the hit enemy will start releaseing flames. This chain reaction happens over and over 1000 times. Costs 1 MP for every enemy hit.
Tome S-2 Holy Thunder S 1-3333 320-330 300 Thunder 1(Up to 500) 27000 3375 1X3B
Note: Same as Chain Shock 4, except every enemy hit will be paralyzed and will not be able to move normally(Ex. Freezes for 1.5 seconds then moves then freezes for 0,1 seconds except thunderbolts run around the body instead of being blue).
Tome S-3 Unholy Poison S 11-12 320-330 300 Poison 8.0s 50(*Up to 9) 28000 3500 1X3B
Note: Similar to the "Toxic Radiation 8" but launches very large poison gasses which have infinite pierce instead.
Tome S-4 Holy Ice S 40-50 320-330 300 Freeze 10.0s 10(*Up to 50) 29000 3625 1X3B
Note: Launches a ice meteor which has homing capabilities at a enemy which breaks into 50 ice shards which arch into enemies around the screen.

List of Canon Tome Expansion

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type Bonus AT Mana Cost Buy Sell Creator
Galatic guide
Galactic Guide S2 400-600(Stars) 350-360 350 Fire 120-280 (Meteors) 8(*Up to 50) 30000 3750 Lat, 1X3B (modified)

RualStickR (image)

Note: Summons Meteors and Stars and makes them shower down in a range of 350. The meteors deal less damage, but pierce. The stars deal more damage, but don't pierce.
Elemental Hurricane S2          60-80 350-360 350 Fire 15-28 2(*Up to 500) 31000 3875 1X3B
1-666 Thunder 1-66
30-80 Freeze 3-6
Note: Summons 3 particles per shot. Shoots an orange pellet which when it comes into contact with anything, launches flames in every direction, flames can go through terrain. Launches a grey cloud which has thunderbolt's running around it that does 1-666 damage, cloud launches bolts at enemies in a medium-fast rate. Cloud also homes in on enemies. Launches an ice needle at an enemy which splits into 2 more which splits into 2 more over and over until it hits its 50th enemy, damage slowly decreases of the ice needle, minimum damage for the ice needle is 3-6
Ice Spike Rain S2 25-50 350-360 350 Ice Slow 50% 6(*Up to 50) 32000 4000 1X3B


Note: Launches lots of spikes in a high arch toward the enemy. Launches dark blue spikes and light blue spikes. Light blue spikes freeze, dark blue spikes slow. Launches 25 of both spikes. Spikes break into tiny ice shards that do 1-1 damage.
Flask Of Poison S2 13-14 (9.5s) 350-360 350 Poison 5(*Up to 500) 33000 4125 1X3B
Note: Launches a tiny pellet which once in contact with anything, releases 500 poison gasses, some go up, some stay down, some drop to the ground and dissapear, some spread horrizontally.
Black Thunder S3 1-22222 380-390 200 Thunder 1-333 20(*Up to 100) 34000 4250 1X3B, DMS (Inspired by one of his stories)
Note: Launches a HUGE thunderbolt at an enemy that can pierce terrain AND enemies and it keeps going until it goes out of the screen. Releases dark sparks everytime it damages an enemy.
Cursed Flame S3 100-150 380-390 350 Fire 4-8 2(*Up to 800) 35000 4375 1X3B, DMS (Inspired by one of his stories)
Note:Launches a dark-red flame which one touches an enemy, makes it release really small blue fire needles randomly at every direction randomly.
Prismatic Shot S3 450-500 380-390 350 Light None 500(Up to 5*) 35500 4437 1X3B, DMS (Inspired by one of his stories)
Note: Summons a wide yellow transparent beam from the sky and when an enemy touches it it reflects to another enemy. Beam stays for 2 seconds. Beam has infinite length. Beam damages rapidly, and every time it touches an enemy, its damage increases by X1(Ex: First enemy receives 450, second enemy receives 900, third enemy receives 1800)
Freezing Armor S3 205-215 380-390 275


Slow 60%

500(*Up to 8) 36000 4500 1X3B
Freeze 1.5s
Note: Brings up 8 large ice spikes on the closest enemy at different angles, 4 of the spikes slow, 4 of the spikes freeze, Spikes stay for 5s.
Pyramidtome Dissolver Scythe S4 15-16 410-420 Inf. Poison 11.0s 200(*Up to Inf.) 36500 4562

Poisonshot, 1X3B(Modified)

Note: Based on the Pyramid Boss's attack. Launches a large dark purple spinning scythe in an arch which releases poison gasses for as long as it's in the air at every direction. Launches 8 gasses per second. Once it hits an enemy any other enemy which touches the poisoned enemy will get poisoned. Scythe does 250-260 damage.
 Thunder Trio S4 1-9999 410-420 350 Thunder None 600(*Up to 3) 37000 4625

Poisonshot, 1X3B(Modified)

Note: Launches 3 thunder spears in an arch toward 3 enemies,If there are less than 3 enemies than the effects evenly spread.
Supernova S4 1-2500 410-420 Inf. Trinity Fire Thunder Chaos Knockback 80 2000(*Up to 1) 37500 4687 1X3B
Note: Causes a huge blinding explosion in the middle of the screen that damages rapidly. Launches lots of dark and light balls leaving mine trails in random directions. Launches red thunderbolts on every direction with random speeds and sizes. Launches exploding fireballs to all directions. All enemies hit has a 25% KO chance. Dark balls do 1-666, light balls do 1-333. Fireball does 250 while the explosion does 150, explosion stays for 1.5s, Red thunderbolts do 1-3333 damage and launches red sparks. Huge explosion does 1-2500 damage. Every enemy hit gets knocked back by 80, including allies.
Clover Of Luck S4 1-99999 410-420 200 Physical 1-9999(*Up to 1) 38000 4750 1X3B
Note: Launches a spinning clover at an enemy. Mana consumed is random.
Tome S5-1 Red Gigashot S5 1-6 440-450 200 Burn 12s 1(*Up to 1600) 38500 4812 1X3B, HGD (Image)
Note: Launches 1600 Red Flames at once in a straight line towards the enemy. Damage doubles each 2nd hit.(Ex. 1st hit DMG - 1-6 3rd hit DMG - 2-12 5th hit DMG - 4-24). Burn does 1200DPS.
Hyper Thundercloud S5 1-3 440-450 Inf. Paralysis 15s 2200 39000 4875 1X3B
Note: Launches a dark-grey cloud which launches thunders at 3 of the strongest enemies on the screen at an EXTREMELY high rate. Thundercloud stays for 8s.

Custom Tomes

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type Bonus AT Mana Cost Creator
Impure Souls Impure Souls C 1-198
350-400 150 Chaos 166(*2) HGD
Note: Launches two balls with different forms of attack: The ball of light travels in a wave, faster, and weaker than the darker ball. The dark ball travels straight, and has more power. Both leave after images behind and pierce through walls. If the wizard happens to have less than 334 (but more than 166), either the light or the dark ball is summoned.
Devil's Fire S7 900-1000 200-250 160 Fire 500 1X3B
Note: Lanches a fire which goes straight and spreads into 3 more flames when it comes in contact with anything, the other 3 flames split into 3 more, and so on.
Pyramidtome Pyramid 1 1-1 50-60 300 Poison 1-1 (1.32s) 25 Poisonshot, HGD(modified)
Note: Uses the pyramid boss attack.
Indra S3 1-3333 50-60 100 Thunder 166 Poisonshot
Note: Indra Bow 6-esque.
Speed S3 10-100 5-10 120 Physical 25 Poisonshot
Note: Faster than most tomes.
Unescapable Desert S4 1-5 50-60 400(Aka entire screen) Earth 1-1 166 Poisonshot
Note: Releases heat all over the screen.
Scrapped Power S4 1-1 50-60 120 Physical +1-1 +20 Poisonshot
Note: Each time you attack on a screen, the attack gets stronger. It resets each screen. But each time it requires more Mana.
Vampire Strike S5 5-50 40-50 35 Steal +20% 1500 1X3B
Note: Once an enemy is in range, a fang formation is formed on top of the enemy and 5-50 damage is done and the amount of damage you have done will be transferred to you health. Every enemy in range will be hit. Damage gets stronger and stronger if hit on the same enemy by 20% each hit.
Superno Superno B* 1111-1111 1111-1111 370 Blue Fire 11-11 (11s) 1111 HankGuideDude
Note: Summons a huge blue fireball that moves in a rather fast speed that, when it collides with the terrain, causes a huge explosion with a radius of 370px. 111 blue flames lasting 11s spawns similar to Volcano 2, and they hop in a variable height either left or right (like SR snakes). It is VERY SLOW and EXPENSIVE mana wise, so a Quick's Card and maybe a Mana Pillar, will help out in clearing mobs/big enemies more effectively. The Blue Fire type is a nod to the obsolete Red Thunder type.
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