Were Making This Hapen [sic]

That's right. THE SEQUEL TO Trix: Adventures of a UFO!!! All of your favorite characters from before, ranging from the snarky UFO Trix, to the calm, collected, Random Master Lazro, are in this!! This takes place just moments after the first story. Who are the two new people? What were they separated from? WHO KNOWS?

Additional Information

Chapter 1- A Bright Day... or not...

--Gamelover's Co--

There was a note on the door to Gamelover's Office. Caplan went over, and read it...

Caplan: -reads note- Hi. If you read this Caplan, tell everybody that I'll be going on vacation to Hawaii for a while. Your in charge of stuff until I get back. Call me if you need to. Aloha! --gamelover101

Caplan: Huh. Master left without telling me. Ah well, I guess I'll check out the Pet Playground...

And off he went. The Pet Playground was pretty normal. Trix and her family was all there, and so was everyone else...


In the destroyed ruins of the base, a Standard was rushing to a machine that was still left standing.

Standard: Is this it?! YES!!

The Standard then climbed in the machine. He was holding a small diskett. He pressed a button, and the door slammed shut. A few minutes later, the door opened again. Hundreds of blue UFO's came out of it. Hundreds. And still growing. They flew together, meeting, while a large, dark blue one rose up.

DB UFO: We will have our revenge on the humans for ruining our plans and killing our leaders!!


DB UFO: Now... ATTACK!!!

The UFOs then flew to the Town, as many more came out of the machine to join them. Some grabbed the machine and lifted it up, taking it to an unknown place.

--Back at the Town--

Two figures walked inside. One was a tall male, wearing a blue cloak and carrying a large scythe. The other was a female, about as tall, wearing a red cloak. She held a staff with a red ball on the end of it. Both of them were pitch black, and cycloptic. The male had sharp fang-like teeth, while the female had normal teeth. The male's hair was spiky looking, while the female's was long. Both had shoulder pads, corresponding with the color of their robes, only darker.

Male: Is this the town?

Female: Yes...

Male: Well, we need "names" apparently. What shall we call each other?

Female: ...

Male: Hmph. Well, I will be... (Any ideas, readers?)

Seconds later, the town grew very dark. The sky was full of flying blue objects, apparently blocking out the sunlight.

Female: -pointing at the hovering- W...What are those..!??

Male: I don't know! Let's get out of here! This town is getting fucking invaded!!

They ran. But the UFOs covered every piece of land they could find.

They were shooting at everything. They had guns on their fronts. They attacked every person in sight.

There was a scream, as a few UFOs went in a building, eating away at the structure like acid on metal. It was a fearful sight.


ZoshiX was walking down the street to LDZX Corps. when he saw them.

ZX: Huh...? A giant formation of... blue UFOs??

Suddenly, some swooped down towards him and attacked!!


ZoshiX: WOAH!! These things have Ao Oni heads!!

ZoshiX Attacks! 504 damage to Ao UFO 1!

Ao UFO 1 flew around and exploded!!

Ao UFO 2 attacked with a gun! 103 damage to ZoshiX!

Ao UFO 3 rammed ZoshiX! 203 damage to ZoshiX!

ZoshiX executed a spinning sword slice that hit both 10 times each! 100 damage to each X10!!

Ao UFO 2 flew around and exploded!

Ao UFO 3 flew around and exploded!!


ZoshiX pulled out a cell phone and called Ludicrine. Soon enough, he and Squato warped to his position.


Ludicrine: Calm down, Squato. What the hell are those UFOs?!

ZoshiX: Some new breed of Ao Oni, apparently. They're summoning little Ao Aliens to destroy buildings. Its a massive invasion!!

Suddenly, a Blue Big Ao UFO appears. Suddenly, a man with a scythe jumps on it and cuts its head off. It flies down to the ground and explodes.

Ludicrine: WOAH!! Look at that!!

ZoshiX: He looks... familiar....

Ludicrine: R...Revelian?!

Then two more appeared. But a female warped in and summoned two electric dragon-like attacks. They flew over and destroyed the UFOs.

Ludicrine: Woah. She looks like him too... What the... Dark Matters are on Earth??

The male walked over to Ludicrine.

Raserei: The name is Raserei. And she is Verlassen. We just walked in on this weird invasion. What the fuck is going on?!

Ludicrine: Are you Dark Matters?!

Verlassen: ...Not exactly...

Raserei: You see, we are two halves.

Ludicrine: ...Two halves...??

Verlassen: ...Yes. We are the two halves of the warrior Revelian....

ZoshiX and Ludicrine stand there, mouth agape.

Chapter 2- Splitting Headache

ZoshiX: Woah woah woah.... You mean after Revelian was killed in that explosion, you two were born?!

Raserei: Exactly... We are two halves of him. And we each have a half of his personality. I pretty much have Rev's rage and love of fighting. She has his cold, collected, and intelligent half. So that's why she talks sort of quiet.

Ludicrine: Very strange. How did this happen??

Verlassen: ...We really don't know... the only thing we remember from Revelian's memory is him climbing in a large machine... Then it all went white, and we were standing there...

ZoshiX: Most odd...

Ludicrine: You have a freaking death scythe. WHY DOES REVELIAN HAVE TO GET THE MOST BADASS WEAPONS?!

Raserei: ...I was holding this when I was born. Don't fucking bitch at me for it or I'll decapitate you and be on my merry way!!

ZoshiX: Yeah, he has Revelian's rage alright. You two seem like very competent allies. Want to help us stop this invasion?

Raserei: Feh. Why not? I get to kill and help out at the same time. Perfectly moral!! But it looks like the invasion has moved. They've wrecked this town and are heading that way.

Verlassen: ...They are heading north... What's up there...?

ZoshiX: Oh crap! They're heading to LDZX Corps!!


ZoshiX and Ludicrine take off, leaving Raserei, Verlassen, and Squato standing there.

Raserei: And what's YOUR story... you big... thing?


Raserei: ......Err... Yeah.... We should get going...

Squato: YES!! WE FRIENDS NOW!! *Gives Raserei a bear hug*


Verlassen giggles. Squato puts him down. Raserei falls down on the ground, squirming with the pain. After a few seconds, he stands up.

Raserei: Let's... Just... Fucking... Go...

Chapter 3- The Battle of LDZX

When Raserei, Verlassen, and Squato got there, Ludicrine and ZoshiX were already beating back UFOs and Aliens, stopping them from getting in the Adoption Center.

ZoshiX: Raserei! Verlassen!! You gotta head to the Breedery!!

Raserei: What?! We don't believe in incest, freak!!

ZoshiX: NOT LIKE THAT. Ao UFOs are heading there!! We'll be holding off the UFOs here!!

Raserei: ...Oh... Ok come on Verlassen, lets go.


Ludicrine: Yes, Squato!! Go help your new friends!!

Squato: SQUATO!!!

--At the Breeding Center...--

Raserei: Here they come! Lets take 'em down!!

--BATTLE SCENE- 3 Big Ao UFOs!!--

The Big Ao UFO and its cohorts attack!!

Raserei launches a shockwave out of his Scythe! 1,203 damage to Big Ao UFO 1!

Verlassen surrounds herself in an electric saw-like energy field and rushes! 838 damage to Big Ao UFO 1!

Big Ao UFO 1 exploded!

Squato throws a punch!! 4,345 damage to Big Ao UFO 2!

Big Ao UFO 2 exploded!

Big Ao UFO 3 shakes, and an Ao Alien comes out!

Raserei attacks! 3,293 damage to Ao Alien!

Verlassen summons 2 ice dragons! They chase down and attack Big Ao UFO 3! 4,304 damage to Big Ao UFO 3!

Big Ao UFO 3 exploded!!


Raserei: Losing 3 of their heavy cruisers seemed to have scared them off. Heh. Now lets see how Ludicrine and ZoshiX are holding up.

--Back at the Adoption Center--

ZoshiX: Alright, they're running away!!

Ludicrine: W00T4G3!

Raserei, Verlassen, and Squato come up.

Raserei: So, did you run them off, too?

ZoshiX: Yeah! They're running off! All of them!! Even the ones at the city!!

Raserei: ...That's not running away. Its a tactical retreat. They're going to gather the mass of the troops and have them attack LDZX Corps.

ZoshiX: What?! Damnit... We've gotta get ready!!

???: *Screaming*

Trix flies by, with about 5 Ao UFOs chasing her down. Before anyone else can react, Ao Oni X jumps down and does a spin kick, destroying all of the Ao UFOs.

ZoshiX: Oh, hi Leechum.

Leechum then transforms back to her original form.

Leechum: Ya miss me?

Trix: Woah. Thank goodness you came just in time. My family was taken away by the Ao UFOs!!

ZoshiX: We're holding off the UFO invasion here! We have no clue where they're coming from. There's hundreds of them!

Trix: They took my family to the mountains. That might be something.

ZoshiX: True... Oh crap, here they come!!

-I would love to spend 2 hours writing on the giant battle that commences. Just know that the UFOs get owned.-

Some few hours later...

ZoshiX: We did it!!

Hundreds of destroyed UFOs litter the ground. Dozens of Ao Aliens also form piles of dead bodies. It was a fierce battle. But the LDZX Corp building, while damaged, remains standing!

ZoshiX: Now... you said they took your family to the mountains?

Trix: Yeah... Could that be where their base is?

Raserei: Maybe. Lets go and find out. The rest of the UFOs have retreated. They're heading up to the mountains, so that has to be something.

ZoshiX: Alright. Lets roll out!

Chapter 4- The Long Road to the Mountain

At the mountain, hundreds of UFOs were thinking. About what, you ask? (WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU ASK YOU NUMBSKULL) A plan.

DB UFO: All right, come in.

DB UFO: Those humans may be pretty strong, so we need a plan.

UFO 1: A Plan, sir?

DB UFO: YEH A PLAN! You remember last time? We took Trix and those pesky humans scrambled to the rescue.

UFO 2: They won, sir!

DB UFO: I'M NOT DONE! And like I said, we need a plan.

UFO 1: I'm thinking a nice little sneak attack.

DB UFO: Make it so. UFOs, we attack at midnight!


The UFOs then flew off. While the DB UFO waited, something began to rumble. It soon got really strong. Soon, a giant figure tore itself out of the ground. Well, its torso anyways. It then smashed its two arms on the ground to get itself in place.


???: I am... a sympathizer with your plan...

DB UFO: But what are you?!

???: I am... The Koala...

DB UFO: A koala?! AHAHAHAH!!

Koala: Not A Koala. THE Koala!!! I am the Earthquake spirit!! Do you want my assistance or not?

DB UFO: If you can defeat the fools... Yes.

Koala: Fine... I shall... Meheheh...

-At the base of the Mountain-

ZoshiX: Big mountain. But its starting to get late... we should sleep.

Ludicrine: Alright. We'll camp out here.

Squato: SQUATO!!

Raserei: Fine.

Verlassen: ...

Trix: Ok...

Leechum: Fine.

And they sleep. Sometime at midnight...

5 Ao UFOs fly in, quietly. They drop down some Ao Aliens. They run over and grab Trix, muffling her to keep her from crying out. They take her back to the big UFO and they all fly off.

The next morning...

ZoshiX: Hey!! Where's Trix?!

Reserei: Who?

ZoshiX: The UFO!

Ludicrine: She went to sleep before I did...

Leechum: Did the Ao UFOs take her?

ZoshiX: Must have...

-ground starts shaking-

LAZRO: *Pops out of the ground with Digug* YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

Lazro: ...Um...

Lazro: Yeaaah...I could have done that without wrecking the tent...

Lazro: ...

Lazro: Aheh...

-Digug drills back home.-

Lazro: Anyways, I hear we have to do this junk all over again?

Lazro: *Yawn* It's getting a bit mundane.

ZoshiX: You think we WANT to be in this?

Lazro: ...

Raserei: What the fuck is up with these random ass people showing up RIGHT THE FUCK OUT OF NOWHERE?

Verlassen: It's called "Plot device", I think...

Raserei: ....Oh.

Ludicrine: CAN WE JUST MOVE ON?!

Some time later, they come upon a plateau in the mountain. Tied to a pole is what appears to be Trix.

Lazro: Trix?!

The gang runs over to her. She is beaten, badly. She is covered with slices, cuts, and bruises.

ZoshiX: She looks horrible...

Lazro: Can't you heal her!?

He tries. But, for some reason, when he uses his healing spell, a black force repels it.

ZoshiX: ...

Lazro: You're kidding me...

But suddenly, the ground rumbles. Soon after, Koala rips himself out of the ground!!


Lazro: Who?!


Koala: I see you remember me... Back when I was an associate of Kuipter... I seemingly vanished, no? I was waiting. For the next big thing. And this invasion is exactly what I need!! Now then.... COME ON!! Its time for cold revenge!!

Chapter 5- Cold Revenge

--BOSS BATTLE- Koala!! (Yeah, there will be a lot more bosses in this story then the last one.--

Lazro's HAIRPIN has morphed into the F-14!

Lazro's HAIRP(lane)IN fires a missile!

But, Koala grabbed the Missile out of the air and threw it back at the HAIRP(lane)IN!!

The HAIRP(lane)IN was destroyed!!!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed... (Lulz)

Lazro: What the...? The HAIRP(lane)in was my best morph...At least I have maybe 30 more HAIRPINS at home. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be knocked out. Ok.


ZoshiX: Woah!! This thing is powerful!!

Ludicrine: No shmit sherlock. Lets just beat this thing!

ZoshiX attacks! 705 damage to Koala!

Ludicrine throws an Aura Bolt! 423 damage to Koala!!

Leechum transforms into Ao Oni X! (Now costs 1 turn)

Squato throws a punch!! 1,203 damage to Koala!!

Ludicrine: Good thing we have Squato!

Raserei launches a shockwave out of his scythe!! 605 damage to Koala!!

Verlassen creates a bomb made of ice and knocks it forward!! 403 damage to Koala, and the bomb landed on him!! It exploded!! 1,203 damage to Koala!!

Koala pounded the ground, making the earth rupture beneath their feet!! A fissure formed under Squato!!! He fell in!!!

Ludicrine: SQUATO NO!!!!

Squato fell down the fissure and landed in a pit at the bottom. He was ok, just trapped for the moment.

Ludicrine: Phew.

Squato (from below): Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo?...

Squato: Me want leave please!

Ludicrine: Don't worry, I'm coming down!

All of a sudden, there's another rumble. The fissure collapses, taking Squato with it.

Ludicrine: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo..........................

Ludicrine: First Trix, now Squato too?


Squato is trapped underground. He's alive and breathing, but the rubble has seemed to push him to an underground cave. But it wasn't any cave. It looked as if someone lived there. Along the walls were torches, lighting up the place.

Squato: HELLO?

???: Oh my, a visitor!

A figure walked out of the room. It was a mere Red Big Smiley Spider, who seemed to be the owner of the place.

Red Big Smiley Spider: My, I never get visitors around here. What brings you here?


Red Big Smiley Spider: Oh yes, the earthquake. That was a fierce one, but good thing my cave is sturdy!

Squato: YOU NAME?

Red Big Smiley Spider: Name? Rebecca, that's my name.


Rebecca: This is my home, of course! It's nice and cozy and I like it!

Squato: WHY CAVE?

Rebecca: -fidgeting- No reason. I happen to like the underground...


Rebecca: ...

Rebecca: -bites lip- OK fine, I'll tell you. Listen, 5 years ago, Ao Oni and I were classmates.


Rebecca: We were best friends! We did everything together! But then one day, a huge mistake tore us apart.


Rebecca: We went on a hike to Blood Mountain.


Rebecca: -sniffles- I know. Legend says, that place was cursed, but we dismissed all that as nonsense and went anyways.


Rebecca: And... That's what killed Oni. He must've released the curse, but sacrificed himself while doing it!

Squato: HOW HE DIE?

Rebecca: -starts to sob- He fell off a cliff! I saw him die! I left the place! I left him!


Rebecca: I... I... I don't know. I was so afraid that the authorities would find me, that I...

Squato: HID?

Rebecca: I abandoned him. I know that Revelian revived him, but he would never forgive me.


Rebecca: He what?


Rebecca: They're back?! Oh no, this looks bad.


Rebecca: We must warn the others. It is too risky to fight them head on.


Rebecca: I'm not entirely sure... The earthquake destroyed my exit, so I guess we're stuck here...

--Back to the fight--

Ludicrine gets enraged!! Attack increased!!!

Ludicrine attacks!! SMAAAASH!!! 4,350 damage to Koala!!

ZoshiX does a spinning sword slash!! 500 damage to Koala 10 times!!

Koala began to shake violently!!


Chapter 6- Didja Really Think he'd win?

Koala warped around, screaming. He then exploded.


Another rumble. Probably the residue from Koala's death. The ground shook fiercely, making everybody shiver.

ZoshiX: Holy, what is happening?

Ludicrine: EARTHQUAKE!!!

Lazro: -groggy- Oh, what happened? I just dreamt I was fighting an earthquake making monste--- What the hell is going on?!?!?!

Ludicrine: Earthquake! Grab Trix and run!

Lazro: -reaches over to Trix- Ow! What the hell, a black force!

Ludicrine: What the, the place is collapsing! What black force! YAAAAAAAAAAH!

-A boulder teeters, and falls right onto the unconscious Trix.

Ludicrine: Come on! Run guys, we'll come back for her later!

And so they fled. They ran all the way to town, hiding in the Earthquake shelter. Meanwhile, Squato and Rebecca were panicking. Most of the cave had collapsed, but they weren't badly injured.

Rebecca: What was that? That was the biggest quake I've ever been in!

Squato: -panting- LUCKY WE SAFE!

Rebecca: C'mon, let's get out of here. The others already left.

So they did. After several moments of scrambling through rocks, they finally made it back to the surface.

Rebecca: Fresh air... its been so long!


Rebecca: Master who?


Rebecca: Well, I don't know! He should be around here somewhere...

But suddenly, 5 Big Ao UFOs flew in. They surrounded Rebecca and Squato and prepared to attack. However, Squato jumped forward, grabbed one UFO, and threw it at another. He then jumped towards another UFO and punched it, sending it flying. He then grabbed the last two UFOs and slammed them together. All of them died.

Rebecca: W-Wow!!


Rebecca then blushed. But she hid it.

Rebecca: Ok. We need to head to the town. Your friend might be there.

Squato: ...

Rebecca: We'll find him. Don't worry.

Squato nodded. The two then set off for the Town.

Chapter 7- Formatting a Plan

Back at LDZX Corps, the gang surrounded a table. On it was a map of the SR World.

Ludicrine: Ok. Witness reports say that the invasion came from the north. That would be... the Cavern areas. But, we saw the enemies retreat to the mountains. The mountains are actually the Hill Country area. It's just that they are usually called mountains. My theory is that their base of operations moved. It moved... to the Castle.

ZoshiX: Wait, didn't Rev own the castle after the Castle Boss died?

Ludicrine: Exactly. They went to their former leader's home and now its their base of operations. We've got to go there. It will be incredibly dangerous.

Leechum: Do you think we're scared of danger? We've been through hell before.

Lazro: Exactly. I'll do this for Trix. Those bastards murdered her!!

Raserei: It would be a bad idea for you to get all personal with this. Emotions causes recklessness. Recklessness can easily lead to failure. You must be calm and collected with it.

Lazro: ...

Ludicrine: Exactly. We're heading out tomorrow. And we're keeping nightly watches to make sure that no one else gets captured.

Leechum: I'll do it. I don't need sleep.

ZoshiX: Got it. You got night patrol. Let's get some rest...

-That night-

Squato and Rebecca went into the Town.


Rebecca: I'm still worried about authorities...

Squato: ...

Rebecca: Anyways, you said some time ago that your friend half-owned a giant building called "LDZX Corporation"?


Rebecca: Well, lets try to sneak in quietly. They might be on edge due to the invasion.

Squato: YEAH.

They run over to the giant building. But suddenly, Ao Oni X leaps down in front of there!!


Squato: ...Leechum...???

Leechum: Squato?! You're ok! ...And who are YOU?

Rebecca: I'm a friend he met underground. I helped him get back to the surface.

Leechum: I see. Anyways, you better come in. But, try not to bother Ludicrine right now. The whole gang's asleep.

Squato: SQUATO!!!

Ludicrine: What was that?!


Squato: MASTER LUD!!!

Ludicrine: SQUATO!!! YOU'RE OK!!!

Squato runs over to him and gives him a bear hug.


ZoshiX: Ugh, seriously? We need to get some sleep for tomorrow! Its good that Squato's back, but we need to get some sleep!!

Ludicrine: You said the same thing twice.


Chapter 8- Breaking and Entering

The next morning, the gang was getting ready for the break-in. They knew it would be dangerous due to how heavily fortified Revelian's castle was. It was also highly likely that his pets would be locked up in order to prevent resistance.

Ludicrine: Good gog I hope they don't kill Snowman.

ZoshiX: That would be VERY BAD.

Lazro: Agreed. *shivers*

Lazro: And one more thing-

Lazro: All my HAIRPINS were stolen during the night...All they left was my backup KEY. and the KEY is suckish. VERY suckish.

ZoshiX: You still got the Lead Goliath?

Lazro: Yeah. I put it in my INVENTORY before I took the HAIRPIN. So I guess it would be a suitable combat weapon until I can get something better... Like maybe those UFO Guns. That would be useful.

Lazro equipped the LEAD GOLAITH!

Lazro: And anyways, the only thing that KEY could turn into was a GUN and a COW. And the cow isn't even that random!

Ludicrine: Whatever. I'M going to equip something I wanted to equip since the first story-

Ludicrine equipped the ANCHOR!!!

Ludicrine: Hell f/cking yes.

ZoshiX: Alright, lets move out!

And so they all did. They traversed the Hill Country/Mountain series without much trouble. Soon, they were standing at the Castle Gate. UFOs flew all over the place, scanning the area and doing patrols.

ZoshiX: Nice welcoming party...

Ludicrine: Lets just try and sneak in... Alright, Raserei, Verlassen, Rebecca, and Squato, you head around and flank the side. ZoshiX, Leechum, Lazro and I will go through the front. Lets go!!

And so they did it. The break-in was easier then they expected. Soon, they got in the castle and met up in the Foyer.

Raserei: That... was too easy...

Verlassen: They might be expecting us..... Its possible that they're hoarding their troops for a surprise...

Ludicrine: That's the most I've ever heard you say at one time. Anyways, let's move out. We've got to assault and get into the Control Center. That's where the leader will be.

But in the Control Center, DB UFO floated in front of a monitor, observing them.

DB UFO: Yes, come right into my trap... Mehehehe!!!

-Meanwhile, at Hawaii-

Gamelover101: What a long day... Let's see what morning TV has for us...

-clicks on TV-

Voice from TV: Hello, my name is Diane Goldberth, your anchor for Dan-Ball News Daily.

Diane: Recently, there has been a strange report of a mob of UFOs storming down onto the Town. They were reported to have indigo coloured Ao Oni heads, and came in two sizes: big and small. A lot of buildings there were damaged, about 12 people were killed, and over 40 were injured. The local authorities are still investigating, and tell all citizens to secure your homes and remain calm. The UFOs are said to come from the northern Cavern stages to the mountainous Hill Countries. If you have any further information on this topic, please contact us at 1-800-DBNEWS-1. Now, to Dave for today's sports news.

Gamelover101 stood there, jaw wide open.

Gamelover: AO ONI UFOs?!?!

Gamelover: This is NOT good.

Gamelover then heads out for his private boat.

Gamelover: Take me back to the SR Area!!

Boat Driver: But didn't you hear?! They've got weird UFOs attacking everything!!

Gamelover: Exactly

Chapter 9- Things get Harder

The gang walks up to a giant door.

Ludicrine: In this door is the main castle part. AKA where most of the trouble will be. Are you ready for this?!

ZoshiX: Bring em on!!

Lazro: Hell yea!!

Leechum: Of course!!


Verlassen: .....


Rebecca: Lets do it!!

Ludicrine: Alright, CHARGE!!

They then charge into the unknown. No one has been in Revelian's castle. Well, at least since the Castle Boss was killed. People have said it just keeps getting bigger. Like a plague. But even so, it isn't threatening. Well, it sorta is now, but you get the point.

Inside the room, the walls are black coloured, with red streaks coming down. No, not blood. Just red lines. Stylish red banners line the walls, and the ground has exquisite red carpets, lined with golden trims. There are several statues of Revelian, 0, and Mura. Its obvious he still has his respect for him. There are 5 hallways in this area, each leading to a different room. One has a ramp going up.

ZoshiX: Which one should we take?

Ludicrine: Hmm. The Command Center would probably be up, so head up the ramp!!

Lazro: Wow, Revelian sure decorated this place up! This is beautiful!!

Raserei: We have no time for gawking. Lets just keep moving!!


It wasn't a bad ride to the SR area. The waters were calm, and GL soon reached his destination. The Town was a mess. Rubble was scattered everywhere, and nobody seemed to be there.

Gamelover: Hellooooooo?

Nobody replies. GL walks on, soon to find Opening Street and Grassland 1. Oddly enough, there were only a few enemies still alive.

He continues on to the Hill Countries. No enemies there. However, GL does find an odd red thing sticking out of the ground. He went closer.

Gamelover: HOLY GOD IT'S TRIX!

The red UFO was unconscious, but when GL reached towards her, the black force came again and repelled it.

Gamelover: Woah, a dark matter void! But... how did they make a void when Revelian died? This is weird... But now what? Where do I go now?? Wait, the Castle...

Gamelover turns to the castle. Floating above it are several UFOs.

Gamelover: They took over Revelian's castle?!? I hope the pets are ok... The castle even looks different from here... it looks... ominous... It looks like that's where I'm supposed to go now. Trix... I hope you're ok...

Gamelover then turns and heads to the Castle, unaware of the horrors that he will face.

Back at the castle, The gang opens up the door on the ramp. Inside are floating debris, hovering over a scarlet red void that looks disturbingly like a face.

ZoshiX: What... the... hell...

Ludicrine: Hi Giygas.

A hand reaches up from the void and waves. ZoshiX gawkes.

Ludicrine: This is where he keeps Giygas. He says he quite likes it here. Plenty of room to... void. I guess.

Lazro: How do you know this??

Ludicrine: Well, Revelian told me a little bit about his castle. Just a little. Not too much..

ZoshiX: But how do we get across?!

Lazro: Well, I bet we just jump across the debris to the end. And hey, can't you fly?!

ZoshiX then facepalms.

ZoshiX: I always tend to forget, don't I? Anyways, we need to jump across the platforms to the end... well, except me, Leechum, and Verlassen, because we can fly. The rest of you get to jump.

Ludicrine: YAY. Lousy stupid gogbeaverdamn decoration wings...

Ludicrine, Lazro, and Raserei begin to hop across immediately. Rebecca merely looks down into the void below, obviously frightened. But Squato lifts her up and carries her as he jumps across. That was nice of him.

Rebecca: W-wow, thanks Squato!


Ludicrine: Huh. Squato sure is getting along with her.

Lazro: ...Yeah.

At the other side, they come to a large door.

ZoshiX: So Rebecca, we never did get to talk about where you came from.

Rebecca: I was underground, when Squato came down. Kinda scared me at first, but we got along great.

ZoshiX: Why DO you live underground, anyways?

Rebecca: W-well, I like it there, and.. ermm...

Ludicrine: You're hiding something.

Rebecca then began to break down.

Rebecca: Ok ok ok, I'll tell... *sobs* It was many years ago... Me and my friend went up to a mansion...

Ludicrine: What kind of mansion...?

Rebecca: The one on top of a mountain called Blood Mountain...

Ludicrine: Oh gog.

Rebecca: My friend was a tall fellow... His name... was...

ZoshiX: His name was...???

Rebecca: ...Ao Oni...

The whole gang gasps, except for Squato, as he heard this before. ZoshiX immediately draws his sword. Squato, however, steps in front of her.


ZoshiX merely holds his sword and listens.

Rebecca: We went to the mansion, completely ignoring rumors that it was haunted... And when we finally made it, it started off kinda fun... However, Ao Oni found some weird shrine... He talked stuff about how it looked idiotic, and things like that. At first, nothing happened... But voices started to appear... They called us foolish mortals... And they sacrificed Ao Oni. They threw him off a cliff... And what did I do to help him? Nothing... I ran away, ran away as far as I could... all the way back to the town... But I didn't show my face. I ran and dug underground... and that has been my home ever since... From what I heard, the authorities did an investigation, but they never found a body... I'm scared they'll come after me, so I hid underground for years... I also knew that Revelian revived him... I knew that he would never forgive me for abandoning him...

ZoshiX: ...Just... wow... So what you're saying is that the spirits of the mansion possessed Ao Oni and made him evil?

Rebecca: Apparently. Ao Oni was never like that. He was a nice fellow. Sure, he looked funny, but he was really friendly.

Ludicrine: Did he have those scary-ass teeth?

Rebecca: What scary teeth? He had normal teeth, just like me.

Rebecca then bared her teeth. They were just as scary as Ao Oni's teeth.


Lazro: Sheesh Ludicrine, give the girl a break...

Lazro: Anyways, should we set up cam...

Lazro: *remembers what happened to the tent*

Lazro: Erm...Aheh...Yeah. Let's...just keep going.

They open the door. Inside, they reach the control center.

DB UFO: So!! You've arrived!!! Faster then I expected, but no matter!!

Behind him is a large containment machine, consisting of two smaller pods. The smaller pods have tubes that go into the larger one. Coming out of the larger one are numerous UFOs. They fly out into the sky, attacking whatever they can find.

ZoshiX: What the... What's that?!

DB UFO: You see, in the wreckage of this base, this machine stood. One sole surviving Standard fused himself with DNA from that red UFO, and activated this machine, creating and cloning thousands of Ao UFOs!! I am the first one made! As a result, I am the leader of the forces!!! But I have no need for this feeble body. As a result, using the machine, I created something that will allow me to fuse any sort of thing into myself to create a much more powerful form!!

Ludicrine: That was worded poorly. But I sorta see what you're getting at. You are the first Ao UFO, and you cloned yourself, thus making your army. You used the machine to create and object that will allow you to use your environment to your advantage. Huh.


Raserei: What an idiot...


Ludicrine: THAT'S the best name you could come up with?!


DB UFO then raised a large energy sphere. But, oddly, his head flew off and was absorbed by it!!

ZoshiX: PFFTAAHAHAHAH!!! Wow, he couldn't handle his own creation!!!

But, suddenly, parts of the walls and the ceiling flew off and surrounded the orb!! They twisted and morphed into a tall, menacing figure made out of metal and stone!!


ZoshiX: Oooh... he meant for his head to be absorbed... oh. Crap.

Chapter 10- Is this the final boss? Already?!

-BOSS BATTLE- Stone Goliath!!

Lazro: Ok, There's an AO UFO body. Thus...

Lazro equipped the AO UFO BODY! (like power armor)

Lazro shoots an AO BUILDING-BLASTER BULLET! 94 damage to Stone Goliath!

ZoshiX attacks! 5 damage to Stone Goliath!

Ludicrine throws an Aura Bolt! 14 damage to Stone Goliath!

Raserei attacks! 14 damage to Stone Goliath!

Verlassen summoned two ice dragons! They flew forward and attacked!! 21 damage to Stone Goliath!

Squato threw a punch! 123 damage to Stone Goliath!!

Rebecca fires a laser! 16 damage to Stone Goliath!!

Stone Goliath threw a punch! 943 damage to ZoshiX!

ZoshiX: This is hopeless! The Stone Goliath is made out of... well... stone!!!

Raserei: There's only 1 way.

Verlassen: And that way is by combining ourselves again...

ZoshiX: You mean...

Raserei and Verlassen dash by Stone Goliath, dodging his punch. They fly in the machine and set it to "Combine". The gang merely watches as the machine glows, shakes, and trembles. Finally, the doors open up... And Revelian flies out, stabbing the center of Stone Goliath, blowing a giant hole open! Inside the hole is the Enviro-Orb!!

Revelian: Now... ATTACK!!

Two HAIRPINS are in the rubble!

Lazro obtained the HAIRPINS!

Lazro combined the HAIRPINS!

Lazro un-equipped the DB UFO body.

Lazro: IT'S TIME!!!


Lazro's ability, WWI ACE was activated!

Stone Goliath unleashes a wall of fire!! It destroys the BI-P(lane)IN!!

Lazro: You've got to be kidding!!

Lazro crashes on the ground, destroying the BI-P(lane)IN!!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian attacks!! 8,404 damage to Stone Goliath!

ZoshiX attacks! 750 damage to Stone Goliath!

Rebecca fires a laser! 970 damage to Stone Goliath!

Ludicrine attacks with the ANCHOR!! 2,103 damage to Stone Goliath!

Squato jumps forward and uses SQUATO SMASH!! It didn't work very well on something bigger then him, though!! 504 damage to Stone Goliath!

Stone Goliath smashes the ground, sending a shockwave!

504 damage to ZoshiX!

203 damage to Revelian!

605 damage to Ludicrine!

201 damage to Squato!

403 damage to Rebecca!

ZoshiX got hurt and collapsed...

Chapter 11- Stone Hunt

In the meantime, Gamelover stares. The Castle was invaded with UFOs, making it painful to think about what they could do. He sat down on a rock, and produced a book from his pocket. All About Dark Matter.

He flipped to the contents, then to a section all about dark matter voids. He read aloud.

Gamelover: Dark matter voids represent a type of shield for dark matter beings. It is extremely powerful, and can block out all beings, including dark matter. Whatever objects inside are trapped until released. Creating and releasing the voids may be exceeding hard, as the only object that can do so is the super-rare Dark Stone, availible only from the three Yellow fishes in the Caverns.

Gamelover: Woah... No wonder they came from the north. I must find the stone...

Back at the castle, after many hours minutes seconds in your perspective, Rev, Squato, Ludicrine, and an injured Rebecca are finally making some headway in defeating Stone Goliath... It was a shame Gamelover didn't know what was happening.

Gamelover101 warped away to Caverns. Strangely enough, there were NO enemies in sight. No walkers, no snakes, no enemies that usually accompany the dark cave.

Oh wait, what's that yellow sticking out from under a rock?

Gamelover: A yellow fish! Perfect!

But when he checked, it was only a dead body of a fish. There was no stone, but he managed to find a journal next to it. He read it out loud.

Gamelover: Note to all Ao Oni stationed in the north... Kill all Yellow Fish you see. They possess the power to ruin our plans. That's what the commander ordered... Weird. All we could find were stupid black stones. They didn't even do anything.

Gamelover: Now what?! There's got to be an alive one somewhere...

He searched more. Nothing.

Gamelover: Good god, there must be a way!

???: Argh, I can't find any!! Ugh, these things are so hard to find!

???: Just keep looking! We need to kill all of them!!

???: Hey, there's one!!

Gamelover immediately rushes to where the voices are coming from. He finds 2 Ao UFOs and a Yellow Smiley Fish.

Ao UFO 1: Hey!! Intruder!! Take him down!!


Gamelover attacks! 605 damage to Ao UFO 1!

Ao UFO 1 attacks with its guns! Gamelover dodged!

Ao UFO 2 attacks with its guns! 403 damage to Gamelover!

Gamelover pulled out his second pistol and attacked with both! 605 damage ot Ao UFO 1! 503 damage to Ao UFO 2!

Ao UFO 1 flew around and exploded!

Ao UFO 2 rammed Gamelover! 201 damage to Gamelover!

Gamelover attacks! 695 damage to Ao UFO 2!

Ao UFO 2 flew around and exploded!

You Win!!

Gamelover: Alright!!

He went over to the Yellow Smiley Fish. It was in bad shape. There were cuts all over it, and one of its eyes were missing. But it was still alive. Using his Pet Communicator, he talked to it.

Gamelover: Hey, do you want me to get you out of here??

A female voice answered him.

YSF: Yes, please!! Get me out of here before he shows back up!!

Gamelover: I killed the two Ao UFOs. Its ok!

YSF: They're not the problem... HE is.

All of a sudden, a small, black, misty figure rushes and smashes the wall next to him! Gamelover spun around to see a cyan light.

???: I knew those fools would botch such a simple job. Hmph.

Gamelover: Who are you?!

Shakespeare: I am Shakespeare. No, not the playwright. I am a mercenary, hired by the Ao UFOs to assist them. Hmph. I was ordered to escort those two buffoons as they killed the Yellow Fishes. We didn't expect heavy resistance, but then you showed up and killed both of them. Unlike those fools, I know why we're supposed to kill the Fishes. The Dark Stones, with the ability to disable Dark Voids. Of course, this is business only for me. Now then. I suppose it's only fitting to eliminate the both of you here. Don't worry, this is business only for me...

Gamelover: Oh great... I thought you were a poet...

Shakespeare: What makes you think I am? Elimination time.

-BOSS BATTLE- Shakespeare!!

Gamelover equips the Missile.

Gamelover: Hmph, it's a good thing I got this from the junk shop...

Shakespeare attacks. 111 damage to Gamelover.

Gamelover fires a missle. Shakespeare dodges!

Shakespeare warps to the YSF and attacks! 12 damage to YSF! (it has resistance to attacks)

YSF fires a shock! Shakespeare dodged it! (He IS a ninja you know)

Gamelover attacks! Shakespeare avoided it!

Shakespeare fires an Ice Blast! Gamelover dodges!

Gamelover takes out a stash of onigiri. All HP restored!

Shakespeare attacks! 20 damage to YSF!

YSF fires a MEGASHOCK. Shakespeare avoids it!

Gamelover goes on a rampage with his pistol! 399 damage to Shakespeare!

Shakespeare goes ballistic with his mirage-attacks!!! 54 damage to YSF!! 540 damage to Gamelover!!

Shakespeare pauses, apparently tired!

YSF attacks. 20 damage to Shakespeare.

Gamelover goes ballistic with his pistols!! 1,203 damage to Shakespeare!!

Shakespeare backs up, wounded!!


Shakespeare: Gagh... Good fight... You win this round. But remember. I'm always watching.

Shakespeare then warps away, leaving YSF and Gamelover there.

YSF: Thank you for saving me... As a gift of gratitude, take this.

Gamelover got: The Dark Stone!!

Gamelover: Alright!! C'mon, we got places to go.

GL warped in a wagon and a fish tank. Picking up the Dark Stone, he and the Yellow Smiley Fish set off to the Hill Countries, eager to free a poor, red UFO. The fish tank was a good home for the little fish, and the wagon made it nice and portable. Gamelover101 considered adopting the little fella, but he had lots of work to do.

Chapter 12- Disaster

As Gamelover and YSF made their way to the Hill Country, it started to rain and storm. However, they persevered and continued to climb. They finally made it to the peak, where Trix was still tied up. Gamelover aimed the stone at her and squeezed it. The stone fired a purple laser and the barrier shattered. Trix looked up at him.

Trix: Gamelover... rgh... he...

Gamelover walked to her.

Gamelover: Its ok, Trix. I've got you.

Trix: N-no... shake...

Gamelover: What??

But all of a sudden, Shakespeare warped in and sent Gamelover flying with an ice blast. He then turned to Trix.

Shakespeare: You've been a good girl. Now, I suppose it would be best to reward you for doing so well.

Trix looked at him with fear in her... eyes?

Shakespeare: I suppose the best reward would be... a quick death.

Gamelover: NO!!

But Shakespeare ignored him. He picked Trix up, drew his dagger, and sliced. Trix's body fell down and hit the ground with a thud. Shakespeare then threw the head away.

Shakespeare: I'm always watching you... hehehe....AHAHAHHA!!!

Gamelover got to his feet and charged, letting loose with both pistols. However, before even 1 could hit its target, Shakespeare vanished into black mist. Gamelover fell to his knees. All that work for nothing. He slammed his fist on the ground and swore. He swore he would kill Shakespeare, no matter what. He then stood up. YSF was in her tank, unable to do anything. Gamelover went to the cart and looked at YSF.

Gamelover: We're going to Revelian's Castle. Shakespeare will be there.

YSF nodded her head. But before they set off, Gamelover buried Trix's body on the mountain. He put a big stone he found on the front, and carved the words "Trix: Hero, pet, and friend. Gone but never forgotten," Then, he and YSF made their way to the Castle.

Chapter 13- Endless Voids...

Stone Goliath starts cracking apart!



Stone Golaith revives itself with half health, putting itself together like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle.

The Enviro-Orb is no longer exposed.

Revelian: THIS IS SO OLD!!

Revelian then promptly FLIPS THE FUCK OUT and launches a giant laser, destroying Stone Goliath!!

The Enviro-Orb, however, floats in place.

DB UFO: Grr... You destroyed my body, but I still live!!

He then causes the floor to open up, dropping them in a giant room. There are no doors and no windows. And to make it worse, he closes it... and puts a Dark Void over it. And Revelian can't break Dark Voids.


Gamelover arrived at the Castle Gate. He could still see UFOs roaming around on the top of the Castle. Hmm, if only I could get a part of Trix's DNA......

YSF: Revival? I wish that was possible, that idiotic poet impersonator killed all the other fish.

Gamelover: Lonely much?

YSF: -sighs- Yeah...

Gamelover: Don't worry, you'll find a friend sooner or later.

YSF: Well as for the DNA thing, I heard there was some sort of DNA splitter merger and that those pesky UFOs there were a merge of Trix and Ao Oni...

Gamelover: How interesting...

Gamelover: You know, I don't even know why I'm here. All this torture, this tragedy, just makes me wish I was still in Hawaii, relaxing and all...

YSF said nothing.

Gamelover: C'mon, let's go in.

They strolled in slowly and carefully. No UFOs attacked them, strangely enough.

Gamelover: You know what? This ends here!

YSF: ?

Gamelover: Give me the stone, I'm going to f/cking destroy this place!

YSF: No! Your friends are all in here!

Gamelover: Hmph. There are no friends in this world. There's only torture, triumph, and PURE HATRED.

Gamelover: I've been through so much already that, I can't take much more of this.

YSF: Do you really feel that way?

Gamelover: Yeah...

YSF: Look, I know times are tough, but you can't give up now!

Gamelover: Hmph.

YSF: How would you feel if you were Trix?

Gamelover: Hmph?

YSF: Come on, we got to rescue them.

Gamelover: I'd rather destroy than rescue.

YSF: It's your choice what you want to do. This stone is one of the most powerful objects in the world. You could destroy the world with it, but whatever you do is your choice!

Gamelover: Hmph...

Shakespeare: Go ahead. Take out your anger on those that don't deserve it.

Gamelover: ?!

Shakespeare appears in front of him.

Shakespeare: Or, take out your anger on those that do.

Gamelover: YOU!!

Shakespeare: "There are no friends in this world. There's only torture, triumph, and PURE HATRED!" Then who's that beside you? Is that torture, triumph and pure hatred? No. That's the one who's trying to help you. And me? I didn't kill her for torture, triumph, and pure hatred. I did it because I had a job to do. But if you want to assume that I WANTED to kill her, that I WANTED to kill those fish, then you go right on ahead. Are the people in that castle torture, triumph, and pure hatred? No. Those are the ones you talk to, you play with, you sometimes get into arguments with... But they're not that. So if you want to take your anger out of those who don't deserve it, then you are no different then the Ao Onis. But if you want to take your anger on those that do deserve it, on those that ARE torture, triumph, and pure hatred, then no one blames you.

Gamelover: ........ I... can't say anything to that...

Shakespeare turns and looks at a camera.

Shakespeare: Forget it, DB UFO. I'm out of this dead end job. Come on, I'll clear the way!!

Gamelover: !!

-In the Command Center-


Two giant walkers walk out to the front gate. They soon come up on the three.

Shakespeare: I've got some debts to pay. See you inside.

He then runs in, annihilates the Mecha Aos, and keeps moving.

Gamelover stands there, speechless.


Lazro has fallen to the ground face-first.


Floor uses Trip!

Lazro takes 4 damage!

Lazro has absconded.


Lazro: Aheh...


Lazro: *cools down*

Lazro: Now what...

Revelian: I'm not sure. We're stuck here. We can't escape. The Dark Void is everywhere, so we can't break through the walls... I guess we're just flipping stuck.

ZoshiX: Ugh...


Squato then runs forward and smashes the wall... And gets knocked on his ass by the Dark Void.

Lazro: Wait...I have a couple of questions.

Lazro: First of all, what is that rock in your hand?

Lazro: Second of all, Why are you carrying around a Yellow Smiley Walker with you?

Lazro: Third of all...*Faces Rev, ZoshiX, Squato, Rebecca, and Leechum* Tell me about the battle!

Revelian: No, first off, you're breaking the fourth wall. Second, that's a yellow Smiley FISH. Third, what battle?


LAZRAEG: raeg.

Lazro:*cools down*

Revelian: Most of it was cut out for Gamelover's story.

Lazro: WHAT?!!

Revelian: I've already proven that your ULTIMATELAZRAEG can't even hurt me. (Pet School, just press Ctrl-F and type in ULTIMATELAZRAEG)

Lazro: ...

Back up top...

The three soon come upon the Command Center. The Enviro-Orb, DB UFO, turns to face them. (as if it were possible that you would know its front from its back)


Shakespeare: Because he broke it.

Gamelover suddenly realizes that back on the peak, when he attacked Shakespeare, 1 bullet seemed to hit. He then warped off.

Shakespeare: Exactly. When you attacked me, you shot off a collar that had me under his control. Not mind control. That's overrated. If I disobeyed, he would of killed me. Now then, the Dark Stone! Aim it at the floor. That's where your friends are!

Gamelover aimed the Dark Stone at the floor and fired. At the dungeon, the walls shake, and purple energy falls to the floor like glass. Soon, the gang smashes through the floor and join the three.

ZoshiX: Alright Gamelover!! ....Why is there a yellow fish and... a neon ninja... with you?

Gamelover: Long story.


Revelian: What.

Suddenly, the floor beneath the Enviro-Orb rises, and the whole back wall of Revelian's Castle comes off, revealing a giant gunship.


The battle ship soon begins to fly off.

Revelian: We gotta jump to it!! GO GO GO!!!

Everyone begins to jump to it, except YSF, but she'll be ok. The castle was deserted, anyways.

Gamelover flies through the air, but he just barely grabs on to the ship. His grip is failing. Just as he begins to fall... someone catches his arm. He looks up to see Shakespeare holding his arm. He pulls him on the ship.

Shakespeare: Guess I had to repay that debt, huh?

Gamelover can only nod.

Chapter 14- Boss On Parade

The gang went in a large door. There were 3 hallways.

Revelian: Ok, guys, we gotta split up. Me, ZoshiX, and Ludicrine will go left. Leechum, Squato, and Lazro will go to the right. Gamelover, you, Rebecca, and the neon ninja guy go through the middle.

Gamelover: Got it.

(Gamelover co.)

Gamelover and Shakespeare head inside.

Gamelover: An elevator... huh...

Shakespeare: Shall we?

They go inside and press a button. They start to go down. Fast. A few seconds later, they reach the bottom.

Gamelover: It stinks in here... What the...?!

Inside, there are dozens of grey, mutated humanoids. They are featureless, save for their faces, which have disturbing yellow eyes and giant, needle-like teeth, which forces the mouth to go into a disturbing smile.

Gamelover: What... the hell... is this...!?! Did Revelian do this...?!

All of a sudden, one figure gets up. It starts breathing erratically, its yellow eyes piercing Gamelover's soul. It suddenly charges forward and attacks!!

-BATTLE SCENE- 1 Regenerator! (This is NOT the boss. Also, here's its battle theme and a picture of it.)

(Insert battle scene here)


Lazro: BLUHHH...

Lazro: This hallway is so long, it's annoying.


Lazro: Not that there's elevator music playing...


Leechum: We aren't even in an elevator. Can you stop bellyaching and keep walking?

Lazro: MAKE ME!!

Leechum then transforms into Ao Oni X.


They continue down the corridor. There, they find a door.


He opens the door and runs in.

Leechum: Ugh.

Lazro: (YE)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....*Thud*

Leechum: Huh!?

The door leads down to a pitch black cavern.

Leechum: ...Nothing else to do... Geronimo!!!

Squato: SQUATO!!!!

They both jump in. At the bottom, Leechum transforms into an Ao Bat and floats down safely, landing next to Lazro, who's face first on the ground. Squato lands on top of him. After a bit of swearing later, Lazro and Squato are on their feet.

Lazro: Ugh. Its so dark in here. Anyone got a light?

Before anyone answers, Lazro pulls out a flamethrower and lights up 4 torches. Plot removes the Flamethrower. All of a sudden, a big, red, 2 legged round thing lands in front of them!!

Lazro: Oh crap! What's that?!

Leechum: Did we summon that!?!

Boss On Parade 1- Deep Red


Lazro attacks! 102 damage to Deep Red!

Leechum transforms into Ao Oni X!

Squato throws a punch! 504 damage to Deep Red!

Deep Red charged up a Mega Fire Ball!!

Lazro attacks! SMAASH!! 402 damage to Deep Red!

Leechum does a kick-smash!! 304 damage to Deep Red!

Squato jumps forward and uses SQUATO SMASH!! 805 damage to Deep Red!

Deep Red launched a Mega Fire ball!! (attack it to deflect it!)

Lazro attacks the Fire Ball! It returns and hits Deep Red! 5,304 damage to Deep Red!

Leechum is on guard.

Squato is on guard.

Deep Red launches a fireball! 97 damage to Leechum!

Lazro is on guard.

Leechum is on guard.

Squato is on guard.

Deep Red charges a Mega Fire Ball!!

Lazro is on guard.

Leechum is on guard.

Squato is on guard.

Deep Red launches a Mega Fire Ball!!!!

Lazro attacks the MFB! It returns to Deep Red!

Deep Red hits the MFB with a regular Fire Ball! It goes back!!!

Leechum attacks the MFB! It returns to Deep Red!

The MFB hits Deep Red!! 6,403 damage to Deep Red!

The whole team is on guard.

Deep Red charges up an MFB!!!

The whole team is on guard.

Deep Red launches an MFB!!!!

Lazro attacks the MFB!! It flies back to Deep Red!

Deep Red hits the MFB wtih a regular FB! It goes back!!

Leechum hits the MFB!! It goes back to Deep Red!

Deep Red hits the MFB with a regular FB! It goes back!!!

Squato hits the MFB!! It goes back to Deep Red!

The MFB hits Deep Red! 10,203 damage to Deep Red!!

Deep Red exploded in a massive fireball!!!


Lazro: that was... easy.


-BATTLE SCENE- 1 Regenerator!!

Gamelover attacks! 403 damage to the Regenerator!!

The wound on the regenerator healed!! Recovered 9999 HP!!!

Gamelover: Wait WHAT?!!

Shakespeare: We've gotta run!! This thing won't die!!!

Rebecca: GO!!

The Gang Absconds.

They run past it, going into a double door. Inside, there's a journal.

"Well, in my effort to blatantly rip off other video games, I decided to develop a near invincible monster. These things are called Regenerators. They have superior metabolism, allowing them to recover any form of damage done by conventional weapons. As a result, you can't kill them with normal weapons. However- all living things have a weakness. The Regenerators have 3 leech like Pla.... I mean Stabilizers... that stabilize the regeration process. If all these Stabilizers are killed, the Regenerator will explode in a spectacular, bloody fashion. HOWEVER, these cannot be seen with the naked eye. You must use thermal imaging. Thankfully, I keep my own thermal scope in this here journal. Just aim at the leech-like hits on them and shoot. You know you hit if the Regenerator groans and backs up... Or you just notice that the hit vanishes. However... There is something stronger then Regenerators. It is called the Iron Maiden. They have 5 leech like Stabilizers, and even if you kill them all, you must fight and kill the Iron Maiden. It is a lot stronger then Regenerators, having twisted spikes all over it. It can grab you and expand its spikes into you, killing you instantly. You've got to be ready to heal at all times. The Iron Maiden also has stronger melee attacks then Regenerators. You MUST be careful when fighting these things. Good luck."


Gamelover: Well that helps.

Gamelover got: The Thermal Scope!!

The regenerator busts in through the door!!

-BATTLE SCENE- 1 Regenerator!!

Gamelover equips the Thermal Scope onto his pistol!!

Gamelover attacks! The Regenerator groans and backs up!!

Shakespeare is on defense.

Rebecca is on defense.

The Regenerator smacks with an extended arm! 303 damage to Gamelover!

Gamelover attacks! The Regenerator groans and backs up!!

Shakespeare is on defense.

Rebecca is on defense.

Suddenly, the Regenerator extends its arms and grabs Shakespeare, biting into his neck!!

Gamelover attacks!! The Regenerator groans and backs up!

The Regenerator explodes, in a spectacular bloody fashion, leaving behind only a Pelvis!!


Shakespeare: You... saved me?

Gamelover: We're all allies in this.

Rebecca: What's that scraping noise!?

All of a sudden, through another door, a spike rips through it! It opens up, and a twisted, spiky, greyish purple monster walks in!!!

Gamelover: Is that...

Rebecca: The Iron Maiden!!

Shakespeare: There's no time to shake in our boots now! We've gotta kill it!!

Boss On Parade 2- The Iron Maiden!!

(Here's what the Boss looks like.)

-BOSS BATTLE- Iron Maiden!!

The Iron Maiden draws close, breathing erratically!!

Gamelover attacks! The Iron Maiden groans and backs up!

Shakespeare attacks! 403 damage to the Iron Maiden!

Rebecca fires a laser! 704 damage to the Iron Maiden!

The Iron Maiden swipes with a spiky fist!! 403 damage to Rebecca!!

Gamelover attacks! The Iron Maiden groans and backs up!!

Shakespeare fires an ice blast! 705 damage to the Iron Maiden!

Rebecca fires a laser! 760 damage to the Iron Maiden!

The Iron Maiden launches a spike! Shakespeare dodges!

Gamelover attacks! The Iron Maiden groans and backs up!

Shakespeare launches a mist shuriken! 604 damage to the Iron Maiden!

Rebecca fires a laser! 730 damage to the Iron Maiden!

The Iron Maiden grabs Rebecca, and throws her into the extended spikes on his body!!!

Rebecca got hurt and collapsed... (Insta Kill move!)

Gamelover attacks! The Iron Maiden groans and backs up!

Shakespeare uses ninjitsu healing techniques! Rebecca was revived!

The Iron Maiden charges forward and knocks Gamelover to the ground!! 504 damage to Gamelover!!

Gamelover attacks! The Iron Maiden groans and backs up!

The Iron Maiden shakes violently and explodes, launching its spikes everywhere!

405 damage to Gamelover!

Shakespeare dodges it!

705 damage to Rebecca!!

The only thing left behind from the Iron Maiden... is its pelvis.


Gamelover: What a pain... Freaking spikes. Alright, the door leads to an elevator. Lets go.


ZoshiX, Revelian, and Ludicrine are walking down a metal hallway. At the end is a portait, with a glowing rainbowish portal. It suddenly absorbs the three!!

They wake up in a giant paint world. The sky is pitch black. The ground is grey, along with tints of red.

ZoshiX: Where the hell are we??

Ludicrine: Dunno...

???: Hehehehe.....

Suddenly, a black figure floated down towards them. It seemed to have 2 large ears, and bright white eyes. It held a staff with a red jewel on top.

Revelian: Who the hell are you??

???: What, didn't your parents tell scary bedtime stories about me when you were younger?


???: NO! Fools!! I am Wilfre!

Revelian: Wait a second, I know that name!! You're the corrupt Raposa!!

Wilfre: Indeed.

Ludicrine: The whaty what??

Revelian: Another reference.

Ludicrine: Ah.

Wilfre: ENOUGH!! Its time for you to die!!

Boss on Parade 3- Wilfre!


Wilfre approaches, laughing!!

Revelian attacks! 1,204 damage to Wilfre!

ZoshiX uses: PSI Freeze! It had no effect on Wilfre!

Ludicrine fires an Aura Bolt! 2,304 damage to Wilfre!

Wilfre raises the wand up, and 2 greyscale Standards appear!!

Revelian summons dark energy orbs and throws them!!

1,203 damage to Standard 1!

1,306 damage to Standard 2!

It had no effect on Wilfre!

Standard 1 vanished!

Standard 2 vanished!

ZoshiX attacks! 905 damage to Wilfre!

Ludicrine fires an Aura Bolt! 2,830 damage to Wilfre!

Wilfre raises his staff, and used PSI STARSTORM!!!

5,405 damage to Revelian!

ZoshiX barely dodged!

Ludicrine barely dodged!!

Revelian attacks! 1,495 damage to Wilfre!

ZoshiX uses a healing spell! Revelian recovered 3,000 HP!

Ludicrine fires an Aura Bolt! 2,304 damage to Wilfre!

Wilfre raised his staff, and summoned 2 Greyscale Ao Goliaths!

Revelian goes into KAISER MODE!!

Revelian fires a KAISER Laser!!!

9,304 damage to Ao Goliath 1!

10,203 damage to Ao Goliath 2!

6,503 damage to Wilfre!

Ao Goliath 1 vanished!

Ao Goliath 2 vanished!

ZoshiX attacks! 1,094 damage to Wilfre!

Ludicrine fires an Aura Bolt! 2,695 damage to Wilfre!

Wilfre raised his staff and used PSI STARSTORM!!

It had no effect on Revelian!

19,304 damage to ZoshiX!

24,503 damage to Ludicrine!

ZoshiX got hurt and collapsed...

Ludicrine got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian attacks! 9,405 damage to Wilfre!

Wilfre backs up, while shaking!!!


Wilfre floats high in the air, screaming, while a white light envelopes him. Then, the whole world that the gang is vanishes. They wake up in a hallway. Behind them are 3 doors. In front, is a giant double-door. Suddenly, Lazro, Leechum, and Squato come from 1 door, while Gamelover, Shakespeare, and Rebecca come from another.

Gamelover? Huh??? The hallways meet back here?!

Revelian: Apparently.

Rebecca: What was the point!?

Shakespeare: Yeesh, we just fought your demented creations!

Lazro: And we fought a pathetically easy red thing!

Revelian: Apparently a boss rush. Oh well, this is the last door...

The whole gang goes in the giant double-door...

Chapter 15- Beginning of the End

The whole gang gathers into a giant room. At the other side, DB UFO floats.

DB: Huh... You've finally arrived...

Revelian noticed an increased maturity with him.

ZoshiX: Heck yeah we have!! It's time to end this!!

DB: Why? So you can continue your pointless lives?

ZoshiX: ?!

DB: I understand life now. Life is utterly meaningless. All beings exist by simple accident. The development of mutations of DNA created animate life. And what do we do? We strive to reproduce, to carry on a meaningless existance. Life is POINTLESS!! We create simple religions, to give ourselves a sense of parental essence that will keep ourselves safe, and when others come and disapprove, they get killed. Life is created by the deaths of others. That is how life will always be. As a result, I have decided to end the corrupt cycle. Liberation and freedom are pointless ideals. People who judge other people are no better themselves. In an "Evil" person's mind, YOU are the evil person. YOU are the ones doing wrong, while I am the one that is good! It's such a pointless cycle of violence and bickering that it ceases to amaze me that people haven't wiped themselves to extinction!! ALL humans are evil!! As long as humans have desire, they are evil!!! And you DARE to call me evil!?

The whole gang can only stare. The words bouncing in their minds. All their beliefs, shattered in an instant.

DB: The only way peace can exist is if there is NOTHING on the earth to create it!! I will destroy all "existance"!! Now... HAVE AT YOU!!

He then absorbs extreme amounts of objects into himself. The airship also seems to stop. Parts of the airship tear away, going into the orb. The only thing that is left is a floating platform, which has the gang. Meanwhile, a collossal figure rises up. It is enormous. It has taken the whole airship and made a giant body with it.

Revelian: .....

ZoshiX: We... can't let him do... this...

Ludicrine: I feel every ounce of meaning gone... Why do we fight...

DB: Indeed... ALL living things are evil!! The only way to get rid of violence and hatred in the world is to destroy every living thing, not only in the planet, but the UNIVERSE!! If all life ceases to exist, violence will also cease to exist!!! COME ON, THROW YOUR IGNORANT BELIEFS AT ME! I'LL TAKE THEM ALL AND KILL YOU WITH IT!!!

Lazro: This has already happened to me in science class.

Lazro: And I recovered.


Lazro: ...


Gamelover: Alright then. Let's do what animals would do- Fight to survive. Humans might be evil, but we know how to fight to survive! Come on guys! We can't let him destroy the world!!

ULTRAMITELAZRAEG: ARE YA' WITH US?!?!?!?1/!?!!?!/1!?!?!!?!?!/1

Revelian: Lets go!!

Chapter 16- FINAL BOSS!

-FINAL BATTLE- Metallic Colossus

Two E-Bits float above the Colossus' sholders!

Revelian attacks! 40 damage to Metallic Colossus!

E-Bit L maxed out Metallic Colossus' HP!

Revelian: God damnit! This is hopeless!!


ZoshiX: Those E-Bits constantly recover his HP! We've got to destroy them!

Revelian fires a laser, and one of them blow up! But another simply takes its place!!


DB: Don't you see?! Your struggle is hopeless! I am going to destroy this world!!

DB: HAHAHA! There's nothing you can do! You're about to die!

LD: You sound like my doctor!

ZoshiX suddenly pulls out something from his POCKET! Its the KAISER Fragment!!

Revelian: You still have that?!

ZoshiX: Yeah!! KAISER Fragment, give us strength!! Except for Revelian, because he can just go KAISER without you!!

The KAISER fragment rises up, and unleashes energy on everyone except for Revelian. AT and HP X10!!

Revelian goes KAISER!! He then takes the fragment back.

Dakudoragonkaiza- NOW KILL THE SONOFABITCH!!

-TRUE FINAL BOSS- Metallic Colossus! BOSS THEME - Start it at 0:51, and loop it at 2:16.-

Dakudoragonkaiza summons 2 lightning bolts! It destroys the Metallic Colossus' sholders, stopping the regeneration of E-Bits!

Lazro equips the DB UFO body!

Lazro uses a -=_ßL/\Z3R_ß0|\/|ß_!=-

Metallic Colossus reflects the attack!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed...

Dakudoragonkaiza attacks! 9,640 damage to Metallic Colossus!

ZoshiX does a 5 slash combo!! 6,495 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Leechum transforms into Ao Oni X!

Gamelover attacks! 3,405 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Shakespeare fires an ice blast! It had no effect on Metallic Colossus!

Rebecca fires an Uber Laser! 5,506 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Metallic Colossus opens his mouth and fires a giant red laser! 5,405 damage to ZoshiX!

ZoshiX does a spinning slash! 400 damage to Metallic Colossus X20!

Dakudoragonkaiza fires an KAISER Laser!! 14,302 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Leechum does a drop kick! 9,403 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Gamelover goes balistic with his pistols! 7,503 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Shakespeare goes balistic with his shadow shurikens!! 8,604 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Rebecca fires an Uber Laser!! (I mean that's all she can do, really) 9,812 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Metallic Colossus sweeps the ground with his hand!!

4,304 damage to Dakudoragonkaiza!

3,960 damage to ZoshiX!

Leechum avoided it!

6,706 damage to Gamelover!

Shakespeare avoided it!

8,705 damage to Rebecca!

Dakudoragonkaiza gets enraged!! Attack increased!!!

ZoshiX gets enraged!! Attack increased!!

Ludicrine tries to get enraged!! It failed!


Leechum jumps forward and does a flip kick!! 4056 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Gamelover attacks! 2043 damage to Metallic Colossus!!

Shakespeare fires a shadow shuriken! 4567 damage to Metallic Colossus!!

Rebecca fires an uber laser!! 9503 damage to Metallic Colossus!

Metallic Colossus fires a laser that sweeps across the ground! Suddenly, a giant fireball erupts from where it hit!!!

5,607 damage to Dakudoragonkaiza!

ZoshiX barely avoided it!

3.405 damage to Ludicrine!

2,304 damage to Squato!

Leechum avoided it!

Gamelover avoided it!

Shakespeare avoided it!

Rebecca avoided it!

Dakudoragonkaiza warps and does a 17 slash combo on Metallic Colossus!!! 23,506 damage to Metallic Colossus!!!

Metallic Colossus explodes, leaving the Enviro-Orb behind!

YOU WIN!! (Finally)

Chapter 17- Finale

Lazro: *becomes consious*


Narrator: And thus, Lazro went grimdark.

Lazro(grimdark): ...Yeah. Rosa's stone, reading it, access to all language permanently, ect.

Lazro: *Grimdarkness wears off* *sigh*

Lazro: ...

Lazro: *Slaps narrator*

Narrator: Ow!


Narrator: *gasp*

Lazro: *drops narrator*

Lazro: *picks up enviro-orb*

Lazro: ...So...

Lazro: What do we do with this, Exactly?

Lazro: *pokes ENVIRO-ORB with HAIRPIN*

Revelian comes over and punches Lazro and sends him flying into the ocean for writing moronic fillers while I had writers block.

Revelian: Hmm. I suppose I will keep it. It has been weakened significantly by our battle.

Gamelover merely sighs. He's won the battle against the Ao Onis again, but the losses from the battle are far too severe to call this a victory... He silently droops his head as he thinks about it and SUDDENLY HE GETS AN AWESOME FUCKING IDEA TO BRING TRIX BACK AND COMPLETELY RUIN MY SAD PLOT TWIST!!!

Gamelover: Rev!! Can't we use the machine to recreate Trix?!

Revelian: Hmm. It may work. However, we need Trix's head and DNA from an Ao UFO.

ZoshiX picks up the DB UFO body.

ZoshiX: Will this work?

Revelian: Meh. It was the first one made. So it probably has the best genes. So yeah, it'll work. I'll go retrieve the head and take Gamelover with me so he can show me where it is.

They then warp off to the Hill Country series ISN'T IT GETTING WAY MORE CONFUSING ON WHICH IS WHICH!!? and Gamelover leads him to the burial site, with Trix's head sitting on the ground next to the tombstone. Revelian picks it up and they warp off to Revelian' castle.

At Rev' castle, they put the body of the DB Ao UFO and Trix's head. The machine roars and shakes and quakes and (insert rhyming word here) until it finally opens.

Gamelover: Did we do it?!

Trix silently floats out of the door. She seems to be unconscious.

Revelian: She'll be in a state of mini-comatose for a few days. Take her home and get her some rest. Also, are you gonna take Sorrow?

Gamelover turns to the castle keep where he left Sorrow sitting there. He walks up behind her and looks inside. She's asleep as well. He merely sighs and takes them both back to his house area.

Revelian: Well, another Ao Oni attack gone.

LD: Sheesh. Are we done with that weird game series now? This is starting to get bland .-.

Revelian: Yeah yeah yeah. This'll be the last Trix story, I promise. Nopechucktesta

LD: Good...

And so, everyone lived happily ever after. Trix, after waking up, continues to wonder why the title of the story is her name if she was dead for 70% of it. I also continue to wonder why I haven't been sued by many game companies for referencing them in my story. Also, Lazro made it back to the SR World about a month after swimming through the ocean. But that.... is another story entierly.


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