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  • I live in the U.S.
  • My occupation is Editor. BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT.
  • I am Awesome
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Hello Random Anon. Are you having a wonderful Sunday? That will all change soon... I welcome you with open arms to the Fan-Ball Wiki, in which we have 1,275 articles at!</croppy welcome message>

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15
  • Sig: Nimbser Waddle D33 Talk Contribs ಠ_ಠ
  • Location: U.S.
  • Occupation: Editor, Administrator
  • Edit count: 1,670

Added to end of URL:

  • &useeditor=wysiwyg: forces WYSIWYG editor (only works on Wikia/Oasis/whatever the he1l people call it these days skin)
  • ?action=purge: purges a page. Herp
  • ?action=edit: edits a page. Derp
  • ?useskin=monobook: user sees page as it looks like with the Monobook skin
  • ?useskin=(any other word/random form of symbols except for "monobook"): user sees page as it looks like with the Wikia/Oasis skin

Added to page:

  • __NOTOC__ gets rid of that annoying table of contents
  • __TOC__ positions that annoying table of contents wherever this code is typed. overrides __NOTOC__
  • __NOWYSIWYG__ disables RTE. A n00b's worst nightmare!

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Life is getting in the way of my wiki-editing, so I won't be on Fan-Ball too much (like everyone else). If/when I do go on Wikia, it will be for short periods of time on Adventure Time or Dan-Ball wikis.

Hi. :D

I'm mostly the guy who helps with cleanup, organizational, and administrative stuff here. I work on article cleanup in general, the organization of pages, categorizing categories, creating templates, the rules page draft, among some other things. I'm active at the Special:SpecialPages page and on the recent changes feed.

Occasionally, I will work on improving and enhancing the visual appearance and features on Fan-Ball Wiki to make it more appealing to visitors and potential new members (I added the countdown, changed font colors for admins and bureaucrats, testing my knowledge on MediaWiki). Sometimes, I also try to find new members and make them feel welcome them here.

If you have any comments, inquiries, concerns, suggestions, jokes, spam, vandalism, hate mail, or love letters, post it on my talk page. I will respond where necessary.

About meh

'Your name is Waddle D33. You live in the U.S. and also go by W D33, WD, or any other name that makes sense. You first got a taste of Dan-Ball when a friend introduced you to Powder Game a few years back. One thing led to another, and you found yourself at the Dan-Ball Wiki. After a series of events, you found yourself wanting to join the new Fan-Ball Wiki. General knowledge of wiki-etiquette and coding has helped you gain administrator rights in both wikis, even though you rarely find time to create fanart or play any Dan-Ball games now. However, you are active at both wikis. You like to think of yourself as a laid-back person with a procrastination problem who doesn't overreact much. You also stole this "about me" idea from hecticDemise, deathIncarnate, and GruesomeLoneliness (and Homestuck, of course).

If you were to ever use your troll tag, it would be Wailing Demon. You type in correct grammar because you are perfect, and if it appears that you made an error, it is the computer's fault, not your own. You might also replace letters with ? in certain words in order to instill uncertainty and imagination into the reader, whilst somewhat hiding information from the common eye.

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