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  • I live in Eden
  • I was born on December 29
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    Coming soon in an alternative universe, or maybe it's already done

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    June 10, 2019 by Cass delau

    I have an idea of stats that to below their normal level, I think it would be rare or special so I doubt to see it often, it will cost the same as a non minus stat so -50 will still cost 50 points, the same as a non minus. (Call them minus not nega, that sounds dumb, opposite is ok though) this is a list of some possible abilities they could have.

    1. The user can cast anti-magic of the void type or dark type.
    2. The user has an anti magic zone around themselves causing magic to weaken or disappear.

    1. The user goes in the complete opposite direction of time causing all of their movements to be in reverse.
    2. They are completely slowed compared to relative time (like doze for anyone who read homestuck).

    1. They are already a ghost.
    2. They are undead being resistant …

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  • Cass delau

    Do not listen to various advertisements and statements from certain users stating *ahem* "your honor, sneeze-burger man is not a legal entity but a fictitious being" DON'T LISTEN TO THE LIES, HE IS REAL, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS.

    Please voice your opinions in the comments unless you are:

    •A minor.
    •Currently under the influence (not counting psychic influence).
    •A troll (alternian or otherwise).
    •An automaton that HASN'T gained intelligence.
    •A slime.
    •Any being above 1400°f or 760°c or 396°h.
    •An alternate version of another user who has already voted.
    •A clone of another user who has already voted.
    •Someone who likes cheese and chocolate (it's disgusting, keep your fetishes away from us normal folk)

    If you fall under any of these…

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  • Cass delau


    May 25, 2019 by Cass delau

    Love is for the highest bidder, hearts dry up, sour and bitter, trust is a construct we take to our death beds, eternally struggling with concepts in our heads.

    Oracle of Slumber, come to thee, I plea, ground-shaker, bone-breaker, shall return to kinsman’s home, earth mother, life-giver, those two shall never go alone, dead-riser, heart of fire, shall gain what they desire, silver-winged, angelic child, slayer of the sinful wild, shall fall in love once again, twin stars shall petrify, while mouth of worlds devour, hidden one shall ring the chime upon the earthly tower

    They try to tame me, contain me, manipulate my brain, free, struggle to get out their grip, take the fall, all I do is trip

    Read between the lines, slip between my lips, to be …

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  • Cass delau

    Also known as AAA are any anomalous ability willingly cast by the user, they each have connotation to a special type of energy, matter or some other abstract thing.

    Origin point?

    Common symbols: arcana, runes, the spirit, prismatic light,

    very common for abilities, usually uses a transmutable material called arcana or magic or several other things, this material can be manipulated much like a computer and given simple instructions, such as "explode into flames once 120 ft away" or even "draw away heat energy from x point" to create fireballs and ice voids .

    Common symbols: psionic energy, pineal eye,

    similar to magic, it is produced in a different organ and thoughts are the means by which it is made, most creatures have their psychic abilities …

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