I have an idea of stats that to below their normal level, I think it would be rare or special so I doubt to see it often, it will cost the same as a non minus stat so -50 will still cost 50 points, the same as a non minus. (Call them minus not nega, that sounds dumb, opposite is ok though) this is a list of some possible abilities they could have.


  1. The user can cast anti-magic of the void type or dark type.
  2. The user has an anti magic zone around themselves causing magic to weaken or disappear.


  1. The user goes in the complete opposite direction of time causing all of their movements to be in reverse.
  2. They are completely slowed compared to relative time (like doze for anyone who read homestuck).


  1. They are already a ghost.
  2. They are undead being resistant to physical attacks but weak to healing.


  1. Their projectiles/strikes purposefuly avoid anything they try and hit.
  2. They always miss due to exceedingly dramatic circumstances, like random chance f*cking them over.
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