They are everything you expect as Well as everything.


  • Some sort of omni-sense (omnipotence, omnipresent, omnibenevolent kinda) even though lots of characters have some omnibenevolence
  • Eternal as they were, are and will be forever
  • Immunity to entropy (basically the 2nd one but entropy is destruction due to time)
  • Some rule/power over a domain/element/reality/aspect/whatever (self proclaimed or not)

The heroes of acceptance fit 1/2 ish of these so they are not gods but not demigods either.


Fragmented bits of ACTUAL gods (may or may not lead to the god's destruction)

  • Enhanced semi-omni-sense usually from their original God (omniscience = prophetic vision or maybe perfect memory, omnipotence = SUPER super strength of something)
  • IF the God they fragmented off of isn't destroyed that God may re-merge with its fragments
  • They still share some divine grace from their physical form (note: physical form may be anything: a person, animal, planet, atom, sentence, thought, psychic manifestation)


Not real gods but parasites that feed on prayer. (Note: common tertiaries live 20-35 years but being fed prayer instead of scrounging stray arcana in the void extends their lifespan, due to this they have gone mad with living 100s of years longer than natural and some will use other tactics to get prayer.

Lifecycle of a god

Lifecycle of a god

A cute little diagram

: gods are all born from ideas as tertiary gods, these are just ideas manifest into the good as formless blob, in this stage they are on the edge of reality and most disappear or are devoured by primary or tertiary gods,

Secondly: if they stay around being fed faith (or eating other tertiaries) they go to the place they were created to metamorphosise, they leave the void and go into the dimension that birthed them (on rare occasion they may enter another dimension by mistake) and manifest into something, if people praying to a statue created them they would become that statue, if people prayed to storms that created them they will manifest into a storm cloud.

Primary: after that metamorphosis they will return fully into the void and become omnipresent in their Dimension they came from. Fracturing/popping: if a primary or secondary God were to lose its worshippers faith they will break into pieces each becoming a tertiary god, if a tertiary were to lose faith then they would cease to exist. Examples: Primary: 

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