[[image:IMG 20190406 173543|text-middle|Orange Fairy Snake]] Orange Fairy Snake
Location: NA (spawn)
LP: 25
AT: 3-4
AGI: 60-70
Range: 50
Strength: Physical 10%
Weakness: none
LV: 2
EXP: 0
Gold ($): 0
Drops: NA
Species: Snake
Head: Fairy
Attack: unknown
Head colour: #Orange
Body colour: #Orange
Movement: jumping
Credits: unknown author

A badge of honour for the Majordomo of the Fungus Parade

I gift ya pet to symbolise your leadership of the Fungus Parade, Brainiac&Fungustus

Ao UFOs- The product of cloning an Ao Oni and UFO together. They have the heads and color of an Ao Oni, but the body of a UFO. *

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