Pet school beta 

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Ki/Spirituality: Ki Manipulation, Transformations, Attacks, Channelling energy through one's body

Element Manipulation: Water bending, Earth bending, Fire bending, Air bending, Energy bending, Spirit bending, Chakra bending

Force: Knightspeeed, Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Ghost, Mind Tricks Physicial: For Example Physicial Exercise And Combat Training

Arcane: For Example Spell Casting, Spell Making, And Runecasting.

Psychic: For Example Telekinesis, Telepathy, And Clairvoyance.

Math: Arithmetic, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Algebra, Etc.

Coding: C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, Ecmascript, Actionscript, Etc.

RE: religious stuff, (possible demonic possession)

Science: learn stuff I guess

Bilingual: allows the pet to be able to speak or speak another language

Arts and crafts: has no real benefit except creativity but you can see what the pets made

Extra curriculum: breakfast club, karate, technology, magic, study, playing games with other pets,

Pet specific gains

Things that can apply to a specific pet whilst in class

  • Honor Roll Classes That Teach Special Or Very Advanced Subjects For The Best Pet Students
  • Field Trips Where Pets Learn About Stuff Such As History In Other Places Than The School Grounds
  • If the pets go to say a volcano, some may get a fire ability/resistance or injury depending on the pet. Injuries don't disqualify them from school but a visit to the pet hospital is recommended.
  • separating the classes as a list, people submit their pets into whatever one they choose, then the "teacher" (operator) will teach the class and after a certain time limit and after some events occur ,  there should be no maximum/minimum number of pets allowed in each class and all other rules will work the same as the original pet school had.
  • if they have an ability they wanna power up in a class BUT that ability is their highest or second highest (this judgement is optional) they cannot attend the class as a student but they attend the class as a helper/teachers aid, meaning they can choose to help a student pet with their own skill. This gives them no points up in that skill but they get a completely unique ability instead 
  • the operator doesn't have to be a user, in this case users vote for random events to occur and what their outcome will be.


Jose: hello, I would like to have my pet(s) attend school.

Cassy: ok, what classes?

Jose: I want (pet 1) in Psychics and (pet 2) in Arcana.

Cassy: and what do you want them to specialise in?

Jose: prophecy for (pet 1) and cryomancy for (pet 2)

Time passes

Cassy: they have completed their courses, here.

Alternatively, messages can be shortened to "hey, I want (pet 1) to be in Coding and specialize in Hax. And I want (pet 2) in magic and to specialise in geokinesis.

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