This is the 2016 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

Updaet #082 30-12-16

Next year I will organise these as #, 17, Month/Day.

Anyway, the year is coming to an end; I'll likely be partying at the moment itself but that doesn't matter too too much. After all, I've got a few hours' distance ahead of most of everyone else.

The project thing went through a massive streamlining and it turned out I was actually closer to finishing than I thought. All that's left is checking whether or not it's all good and then that's done. Leaves me to focus on the exams part...

A list of other news:

  • Mailpets are still planned but I will likely not be working that much on them until train travel starts again. (Reminder: BUY THE FUCKING STYLUS YOU GARBAGE)
  • Baxter portrait is uh, I'm sure I have a scan of it somewhere. Guess that it isn't too disastrous in the first place but I feel quite guilty about that.
  • Just now, as of this writing (1:15 PM), it's roughly 30 minutes ago that I got confirmation about the entire paternity bullshit, and I am still and always will be the son of biological dad. Tough cookies for him and moreso for his wife.
  • Return to Sender will be continued also when train travel starts again.
  • Some might have heard it: Laptop to bed is officially dead as a thing. Phone will be possible and maybe I can sometimes spend free time with laptop in bed before sleeping (usually between 9 and 10 PM my time), so that's there.
  • Screw sockpuppets and shitposters.
  • My faith in politics is plummeting, both local and global. I get to go voting in March. By then, probably 30 different parties want a slice of the parliamentary pie. Thanks, populistic asshats and opportunistic fucktards!

On a positive note, finance is probably okay, though I've taken neither the time to check my balance nor have I spent much the past 2 weeks. There's also a few new drawings (some normal, some an experiment after some refreshing tips from somebody and at least 2 arguably cute) that will be coloured on paper and uploaded for the time being (until the replacing stylus, that is).

Take care and don't get yourself blown up tomorrow; I want to see everyone's hands in Discord when the new year is there for you (and I'll show mine, assuming all fingers are there at that time).

Updaet #081 02-12-16

Fuck, fuck and fuck. As well as shit. I have a project and it's not coming along very well, also because I'm frustrated with myself and cannot think clearly. On top of that, I've had what I'll call a collision with multiple people, one of which is me. I won't go into detail on that, but let's say there's a reason why I'm wearing something to cover my forehead for the coming few days.

Now, I will not go into the discussion on Discord either, which happened not long before aforementioned collision, but I'll stop arguing or remotely bringing up any sort of comment. I'm just bloody done with the deal and if we don't have to have more yelling contests, I personally would rather see that we don't. That's my opinion, though, and I know that people disagree etc. etc., and so I'll let everyone else decide this. I'll sacrifice my ignorant idea that we can progress enough to make the bear lose interest in us completely. I'll sacrifice my peace of mind. I hope someone believes me when I say that there will be arguments and they will not be civilised.

I do not fear said bear or feel like his power is absolute. I am not so much worried about said bear returning and not wanting to leave. I simply want enough peace to be able to write things out without having to see the activity page cluttered with hateranting. I am not the only person who prefers the situation to be at least similar to what I just expressed. Just to clarify that. I will try to be in chat, but as said before I will not actively engage in the discussion. If this sounds just like what I did over the entire deal with WID, so be it, but I need to keep my mental health in mind at times and this is one of those times.

Sorry for the inconvenience and feelings of not being taken seriously that I have most certainly caused. I was hoping to add something useful and all I did was make points that do not follow.

Updaet #080 15-11-16

If I end up making these once a month, so be it. Turns out a lot of myself consists of being my own jailkeeper, in terms of emotion. I'm also a master illusionist and delusionist, mainly to myself. What a beautiful discovery. Won't be delving into that much - I have moderate difficulty keeping up with all these things that need to be prepared for colleges.

Either way, I'll be dealing with my restructuring plan very differently (this due to the fact that it's unlikely I'll ever finish it otherwise): I've more or less finished up one page and posted it now, and I'll work on building the pages up one at a time. This makes it less strainy on my brain's planning area as said place really needs as much of its attention directed at lifey things. Why don't I take a few steps back to work my real life things out? Because I probably couldn't and would actually end up doing less on all fronts. My life is a disastrous heap of things that all want or need to be done and with only one young man to do all of these things. I should also avoid playing Terraria for a good while as I know myself and I know what happened in 2014 - nobody is going to be reliving that time, especially me. I will continue barging forwards in my supposedly inefficient way of doing more than one thing at the same time.

I've also drawn some random things along the way, including a roughly-accurate Gridmask rendition of myself. Or rather me as I would believe myself to appear to the outside world. Or something like that. I also just decided that I will be working on a set of Delinius heads as a sort of emote set (all worked out on a bunch of small Post-It notes) until the time when I have money to buy a replacement tablet stylus. €90 down the fucking drain is not the best of times but it'll have to do. Musicmaking has stoppedd for a bit but I swear I will get back to it soon - it certainly has potential and I just need to tweak things a lot more.

There's lastly the fact that I finally shoved all the paperwork together for a banking account that I had some money on but could not access yet due to reasons and security etc. I can now buy myself dinner at university should the need arise at any point. Dadman has not paid up two months' worth of his obligatory thing yet but if/when he does that's likely going to be distributed between householdy things and myself, hopefully leaving me with at least something - the three-digit number will hopefully be sufficient to give me a part that is also a three-digit number. I'm still not rich, but at least I can manage.


You can tell I've had 3 hours of sleep. There's something very interesting that has presented itself with my singing choir stuff. They've been contacted for a fairly huge project focused on the music of one Karl Jenkins. Said music is somewhat familiar to me, but that's besides the point. The real biggie here is the fact that it'll be performed in the Carnegie Halls in New York. Given that the entire thing will cost a bloody fortune, it's still a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I hope that I'll save together the necessary money to go there. When? January 2018, supposedly somewhere halfway and from a Friday to the next Monday (not counting the surrounding days of travel time). I don't expect anyone to turn up for it but at least I'll be able to say that I've been to America if it all works out.

I hope by then that the effects of national politics will have subsided (though from what I have heard NY has plenty of foreigners as it is either way, so it won't matter too much I hope). I have no idea what sort of program we'll have outside of rehearsals, but I do know that there's some free time. As well, it's highly unlikely that I'll be travelling with any superiors, but American law puts the age of consent at 21 if I remember correctly, so...? I don't know how that would play out (though arguably I would not be allowed certain drinks at the big party that supposedly comes after the concert, lel. Not that I would care much.)

Life is surprising in many ways, though the pleasant surprises are usually the ones you want.

Updaet #079 17-10-16

Not much aside from scrambling to get my shit together for tomorrow. Still, some updates to the restructuring scheme and other things:

  • Rolling with Saga replacing Alpha so as to leave the latter intact until further notice; this due to the fact that cooperation should be my highest goal despite managing most of my acts all by myself while you're all busy (even though I'm busy too, I don't count because I'm an irresponsible fuck who can't prioritise properly. But that's a different story for another time);
  • I have made an inventory of all my subpages and blogs with a provisional planning of what to do with each of them. Some things will be completely restructured and a lot of the ~20 pages will be merged for the sake of organisation. A few will even be completely wiped and their contents largely not returning due to redundancy and outdatedness. I'll make sure all relevant things will be back, and if you're missing something I'll certainly have a copy of all the old pages stored;
  • Several new concepts and plot pieces will be introduced properly, including 'Delinius the paper incinerator that solves the paper's problems' and some other loose dunk;
  • A comprehensive reference work of Delinius and timelines - a generic flow of time file is done, now just to actually spruce it up with interactions and more dates. For those interested it is modeled straight off of Hank's blog page, but it's not a carbon copy either. Another page detailing the relations between Delinius and other characters on all timelines is also in the makings but that's going to be a looooooooong project that's actually outside of my current pursuits.
  • Speaking of interactions, here's the concept I mentioned yesterday or so, about Delinius and the Grey Agents. Once everyone's back to activeness I'll be sure to bunp Mori into this section specifically.
    • Somewhere not long after the Nemesis Veneer disappears without a trace, Delinius concludes from the various sources of information at his disposal (that is, a network of Dwinians and affiliates spread across the entirety of Ludus) as well as the visible trajectory of the Nemesis Veneer (assuming it was headed north) that it is surely off to Auzos. Rather than sharing this information, he does what he believes is best. He's had no part in the actual conflict so far, and wishes that to remain the case and so instead chooses to make this a one-man mission. Before he heads up to Auzos, he seeks a Dwinian priest and gets blessed in such a way that no restraint, no matter its nature or force, can prevent Delinius from escaping thanks to his Navigation Tablet, and then picks up the old pseudonym of Leonard Essington - along with the original hat, which alters his aura to be a wholly different one - of mustard, which is something he is known to dislike somewhat. These things effectively make him immune to capture attempts and auric detection, respectively.
    • After a lot of sharp thinking, Delinius finally goes to Auzos. Either he finds nothing and returns as if nothing ever happened, OR he catches wind of a certain 'Headmaster Bismarck' and consults with a few of his local contacts. Soon enough, he'd find his way to the otherwise unsuspicious base of the Grey Agents, where he either knocks on the door, just jumps in or makes himself known in some other fashion. Whatever the case, he is immediately captured and interrogated - after all, how did he find the base when he's not even supposed to know where the Veneer went off to? These and several other questions are fired at Delinius, but he eventually turns the tables flipside-up and reveals that he can leave and speak as he pleases, while also revealing that his own standing in the entire matter is utterly neutral - though it wouldn't be if he knew the full extent of what the Grey Agents plan.
    • He proposes a diplomatic agreement where they don't do anything that harms Ludus' population and society, and Delinius keeps his mouth decidedly closed on the matter. Of course, there's a bit of 'how are you even going to check that' involved - and who knows Amygea in particular doesn't see how Delinius, who they know as being eccentric but not exactly high in influence, could keep eyes and ears on all of Ludus to check on this agreement. "Ah, and how would you know this, then?" As Delinius retorts: "You may question my ability to percieve this, but you would do well to remember my lineage and why it renders me immune to any threats of you to retain me here, Rogue Witch of the Highlands. I am not a force of great power, but one of information - and the pen can be much sharper and lethal than the heaviest of swords."
    • Either he just leaves after assuming good faith or they eventually go and both sign a written agreement, but either way the deal would be sealed. Leaves Delinius to deal with a suspicious Taku, which he splendidly solves thanks to the relatively small age difference between the two. Of course it's not the truth what he speaks, but it's not a full lie either.

There's also some future plannings:

  • The story arc of Delta Delinius will come to span at least 200 years and likely even longer if we're going to shed some light on Delinius' family, which is exactly what I intend. This stuff will largely not be published until a substantial amount of it is done.
    • On that note, also work on giving more depth to Dwinian religion and maybe even booting up a little something for the Great Three deities if we're at it;
  • The Gamma arc (which is now 4 stories long because it's me, the star) will be developed to the moment when Delinius meets Hankvi, after which additions pertaining to later dates are to be kept off. Though Hank never posted said statement loudly anywhere, I could dig up the specific comment where he mentions that Hankvi and Issus are to be "story-blocked at this point". Of course, stuff may be added for before that point, but with the purple man being in little position to communicate extensively over these things I say we just leave the Gamma timeline be.
  • Wau timeline: A little backstory about The Maintenancekeeper and how he got his title (presumably from Chronos), as well as what happens when he escapes his native timeline.
  • Extend Ina's character information and create a page for Maltus (the latter will strictly be mentioned in stories for the Delta and Pi timelines because it will be so - he never reaches the time in which stuff happens on other timelines);
  • Shed light on Merita's true plans (and incorporating some paper notes I recently found into it);
  • Once Hank has returned from three years of military, hopefully get into working on the Gamma timeline more, if I haven't gone distracted by then.

As well, I seem to be a slightly popular conversation partner but also asked romance-based questions by some of my study mates (those being girls again). This should be interesting but I doubt it will bear much fruit - unless something truly unusual happens, for example me pulling a massive exit from my regular shyness when it comes to these things. Wait, Fire is shy about girls? When he's one of the most text-spammy talkative people that has roamed this site? Okay that's exaggerated but yeah, I am in fact quite shy in some cases.

But in the end, none of these things will be truly known to all of you because it is October and activity is at a low level - aside from the occasional modding edit. Haven't been able to play modded games of SR lately due to busystuff as well as all this reorganising I'm trying to do. Oh well. At least I'm managing the various dead bodies in my metaphorical closet rather than letting them fall out to cause parent yelling - and that in itself means that I am making progress.

Updaet #078 25-09-16

Alas, alas, no rest for the fragile one. He, who perches his mind on a thin edge, worn from the shouts of others and their ill-placed influence. Wearily does he set himself in motion and starts on his work. But then, when does he find rest? When he allows himself to escape this realm, and fly up in thin air to dreams and fiction, a true labyrinth of ideas in which he can safely move.

For some reason, a heavy mass of strain and weariness has fallen down upon me and it doesn't really help that I have plenty of work to do. What hinders said work is either people trying to advise me, people wanting me to help them, and then all the things I do in name of music. I intend to quit at least one of them but it will not be enough to quit just one. Dammit, time was never more costly than I feel now. 24 hours is too little to call a day regardless of the fact that I have no choice but to use about 16 of said hours actively. Once again, it is through the flow of 'creative things' that I don't break down into a socially and emotionally subpar state from which I might not have the heart to save myself. Not all but part of the reason that my mood and mind are this dim is the rather sudden change in weather that literally weathers down my good spirits with its gloom. Don't let this put a dimmer on your own spirits, but don't mind any grim remarks from my mouth for the coming time and instead look at what comes out of my fingers as I publish more written works - and yes, I will hopefully launch another chapter or so of The Incredubious Industrial once I feel enough asshats within the story have been collidified with traffic in a lethal way. What do you mean Delinius and written works serve as my persona- *shot*

Updaet #077 14-09-16

I'll warn you in advance - this is going to be long. So, I'm now halfway through my third week of university. What I've noticed is that I'm usually quite busy with the limited number of subjects I have - but 'busy' in this case means I try to be finished by 10 PM on most days (except for the ones on which I have things to do until 10 PM, in which case I do nothing). Is this a good strategy? Don't know. What is good in an odd sense is that my job application didn't make it in the end - meaning that a) I've ridden myself of the 'you need to get a job' issue because b) parentfolks now realise that I've got enough to do as it is already. Commuting by train is becoming a lousy excuse to do uneducative things - I need to pull the plug on that. What's interesting about it, though, is that you tend to meet all kinds of people - including a few you happened to see on the same day, people deciding to become vegetarians that very day, etc. And curiously, some trains have an L-shaped couch instead of a few more seats. Now, that's not very special in itself, but it matters. I was sitting on it because the train was quite full, and at some point a female person aka girl also took a seat on it - probably not too far away from me, but this was a few days ago and train commutes start looking very similar to one another at this point so I don't remember - and we both minded ourselves mostly. I have the annoying habit of looking around me, though, so I crossed eyes with her a bunch of times over the course of almost an hour. More like 40 minutes maybe. Eventually, her destination came by, of course, but as the train slowed down, there was that distinct moment when you both look at each other for more than 2 seconds. And we both smiled. She left and I was out at the next station. Probably there's little chance I'll see the girl again - but hey, who knows. That's not the biggest news or why I've warned you, though. I've started organising my notes with something else than 'f-logics' and a bunch of messy folders. This is something that has incidentally come to pass from sheer boredom as well as curiosity. Right now, I'm in the process of slowly copying the information of my many text files into Evernote and giving them a proper place as well as tags. Hopefully, this will work as effectively as it does for the small collection of study-related documents I've begun sorting in my regular folders. What it certainly means is that, once I've completed this and cross-checked my stored information with what I've smeared across a dozen subpages and blogs, I will completely and utterly obliterate the mess that those are and replace it with something slightly more coherent. Slightly. In order to do that I'll also be removing all cross-referencing links from each as well as my main pages and the Subpages subpages. Do you still follow? Awesome. If not, don't worry because I'll summarise it at the end. Once I've done this, there should be the following:

  • The Subpages subpage, which will be divided into several sections, those being:
    • Character-related things, for everything that pertains to story elements but not stories themselves:
      • The Maintenancekeeper & Ina Sybil Langton's blog post;
      • That one character contest entry from ages ago;
      • The majority of this information that relates to meta-timeline and not story-specific things (not including the timelines link).
    • Story-related things, that which is more directly related to one or more stories:
      • The Great Mailman War;
      • A tidier version of this mess about timelineslink nix'd, also containing at least the titles of stories and perhaps a summary of them;
      • [Story ideas blog post] doesn't really serve me any purpose and its valuable contents, if any, will be merged into the above page, preferably in condensed format - though I will keep the original text stored off-site for my own reference even though I have the idea rooted more firmly in my head than you'd expect;
      • These fragmentslink nix'd will be kept, but the page itself will be extended to also accomodate a few things from the current "Story-related things" page.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Anything that does not fit either category above or is outdated will be sectioned under here as /Miscellaneous/[Name]. Whatever ends up under here due to being outdated will be reviewed by my heavily biased eyes and then either reworked to the point where it either fits the above two categories, or marked for incineration deletionwait isn't that the same metaphorically speaking.
      • Examples of this would be the "notes of Delinius page", the "Epsilon(?) Delinius" blog (dear god why), and a number of other things. I will leave whatever 'ancient' blog posts of mine (from the time when the self-insert that would become Delinius did a massive detonation trick and was supposedly an explosives user). They're... funny.
      • The idea for a canonity guideline...? No. I'm sorry, but I've stopped caring about this one. I will gladly aid in the process if it ever comes to happen, but I feel like I'm trying to pull a train carriage that's power-dead heh, trains.

I am pretty ambitious. But if I anger or annoy myself enough into something like this, you can predict that it will happen. But wait! I was going to condense this into a TL;DR wasn't I? Not for you. Alright then. Step by step.

  1. I am thoroughly fed up with the mess of my subpages.
  2. Because of that, I'm currently putting everything into Evernote, sorted by either reference material or story-related matters. I'm also using tags for my own convenience, should I at any point need to get certain things together quickly.
  3. Even though this system will be buggy and imperfect at first (I can physically sort but digital sorting of this much is disaster^9), I will eventually manage to get everything settled and sorted. At this point, I will check all my subpages against my notes and edit/expand the latter to make sure I don't lose anything.
  4. When I've successfully made a library of literally all of my notes, I will take some off-time which will be spent sorting my notes according to the scheme above.
  5. I then return, wipe a number of things clean and rename pages to structure them in accordance with my plans. This'll make a lot of redlinking especially in comments and I will not be correcting any of it, sorry. Some pages will not be wiped clean in advance because their contents and names don't need to change massively.
  6. Once the page structure is there, I'll fill out the relevant information onto the relevant page. This might be done simultaneously with the above, depending on my regular workload.

Yeah, this is pretty big.

Updaet #076 24-8-16 [The Return: Their Time To Shine Fire has discovered]

Yeah, I'm back... more or less, because colleges begin this Monday. What a copious amount of time to return to a well-rested state. Either way, results:

  • Broken voice
  • Greatly diminished thought capabilities due to lack of sleep
  • A lot of fun times

I've discovered cool things and some... well, useful things.

  • Drinking too much results in dumping stomach contents somewhere, i.e. vomiting in a toilet. (I hope you weren't reading that one during mealtimes.)
  • Apparently, beer is cheap in cities where many students venture into the local pubs.
  • Interestingly, you may or may not get a bunch of free drinks, from people that you sometimes do know and sometimes don't.
  • Beware of the middle ATM near a certain roundabout. It eats cards.

Of course, not all was booze. I only got hammered exactly once. There was some actual educational purpose to it on one of the days. Unfortunately, they'd planned it on the day after the karaoke night. And trust me, even though my voice was already rough from 3 days of straight beergoing, it was actually worse after that. The weekend also brought a cantus, which comes down to the occasional ad fundum (to the bottom - gulping an entire beer in one go), singing and ad libitum (to liking - drink as much as you want; if water, as much as you want; if beer, very little). It wasn't very good for my voice and now slime has built up and tickles and I'm coughing about once every few minutes. I also have a very interesting bunch of people in my group, including another storywriter whose gender identity is currently a confuddled mess in their head but currently asks for male pronouns. Doesn't matter seeing as I've had experience with a friend of mine switching gender. That might also explain why they/he (I'm too unawake to think that one through entirely) had a tendency to stick with me a bit once I turned out to be a writer/drawer of stuff that can vaguely be considered similar to their/his own work. Cool. I'm sure I could fill multiple updates with just tales of the past week, but I won't. If I ever appear in chat, I might talk more about it. Or in Steam, if you happen to have me as a contact. What I'll fill the rest of this one with is whatever the hell I've rediscovered inspiration for. To some extent at least.

  • Delta Delinius/The Archlight rules probably over the land of Mavus and a little beyond.
  • Wau Delinius/The Maintenancekeeper is going to appear in a story and be involved to a large extent.
  • The Incredubious Industrial will be continued again somewhere in September whenever I've found the balance between educational activities and the rest.
    • Related to this, I've decided that Delinius encounters Hank&Issus somewhere before their adventures at IQ and remains highly in favour of both up to the issue of stolen fragments. After that, Delinius loses some faith in the two, but still refuses to blame Hankvi for the Alternian invasion. Hankvi Guidza was a troll of questionably high liberty. Even so, I cannot see any situation in which he might have chosen to send Alternia's army to defeat us, specifically because it wants his head.
  • I will have to limit how much I play games to once a week.
  • I should still archive the 2015 posts from this.
  • Jobean has created an entire universe of stages and it seems to clog the Wiki Activity- *shot*

I'll stop ranting for now. Let's first get myself back in one place and see where the hell I'm supposed to be and go. None of this means I can't process any suggestions, by the way. It might take longer, that's all. Oh, also, I'll soon enough be the keeper of my own finance, which is good because it'll allow me to actually buy shit without asking for permission. Though I have no idea why I care about that already. I'm sure half of this doesn't make sense - I'm sorry, I am bloody tired.

Faste-Updaet 14-08-16

Looks like I completely forgot to tell this to anyone, but I'm gone. Introduction and stuff for university and lels. I'll be away until the 23rd, at which point I might have gone drunk at least once and I'll probably be pretty tired.

Also: I finished a portrait of Baxter looking pretty formal in his business attire. I had no idea how to maek silver on paper but it'll have to do. Next is mostly trying to make some kind of mugshot that works in some way.

Either way, good day to erryone. Wait a second, where did that new user go? Nevermind.

Updaet #075 25-07-16 - I is back. What happened

Okay, I is back. New theme is new and red and gray and cool, looks like we also have a NEW IDEAMAKER, which I won't talk about too much, sorry. Though I do have some suggestions but right now I have about 7 things I'm supposed to deal with before noon and it is about 10:50 AM when I begin writing this.

Anyway, France was magnifique, though I also have a few curiosities as always.

  • People recognising themselves in drawings I make or people wanting me to make a drawing of them in this style - which is INCORRECTLY compared to anime/manga. Seriously, folks, SQUARE HEADS.
  • Being approached in a relationalthingic fashion by a dude. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
  • Acquiring a bunch of friends that are about 1.5 times my age. Whatever.
  • Drawing page-size portraits of anything I could think of....
  • ...when not busy with fun or cool things.

Weather was awesome except the one time when it was hotter than the sun and the air was really dry. We had a semi-Spanish man who decided to bake (or bathe or bask) in the hot sun. No, I didn't, which is sad maybe? I spent enough time in the sun on other days, though - my skin has that silly tan that it also had in Greece. Also, turns out my phone probably lasts like 5 days when left entirely alone and there was actually electricity over there. And wifi, but it was fairly iffy at best. Besides, I wanted a break as well. Well then. Now what the hell was I working on before...? The Delinius Face Portrait, Incredubious Industrial was also still on the list I think. I've also seen that massive plans and massive cleaning happened and I missed it - if I am out of place/out of date/confuddled, I am sorry and a recap of what happened would be nice maybe. Don't feel obliged, however, eheh. Well, looks like I don't actually have to make haste with the other things. I'm probably going to do a few things or read something. Feel free to pester me through here or anywhere else where you've found me.

Updaet #074 13-07-16 - Temporary nonexsistence inbound

Though I might have mentioned this, I don't think I actually have, shit. You see, I'll be gone for 9 days, starting this Friday. So that would be between the 15th and the 22nd. A cool kind of music project that combines a fairly cheap way of having a holiday in France with singing cool music (at least, that's my view on things. This depends heavily on the weather.) Plus, it's in tents. I have to borrow the tent, but most of the other things are already in th house and ready for usage. TL;DR - Fire is going out camping in France for 9 days starting this Friday and he was late with telling people. For those interested in where the hell exactly I'm gone to, I'm off to Vendôme and its surroundings, somewhere south of Paris. Don't ask me why, that's for other people to decide. Anyhoop, before I go:

  • Made some drawings.
    • A pretty swell 'mugshot-esque' portrait of Delinius; the reason that it's drawn on a larger scale is that my grandma asked me to draw her a bunch of large butterflies because she's going to make ceramic butterflies of a pretty large size.
    • A pair of sketches for a theoretical character possibly appearing in the thing that will go to the Pietimeline about all the friggin' mail- (in short, something that just happened to develop on my paper during some event and I couldn't resist making it into something because it looked so well sorry-)
    • A random Gridmask in a suit, as a bit of practice for portraying Baxter (no I am not pushing anyone for a description chut ney)
  • Saw the update to the Classpect Titles blog and to the SR Modding Plans page (and obviously didn't add anything to it whatareyouthinkingiamsuchabadliar)

As to what I might do over there when not working on tha music, I don't know. There's actually a number of similarly-aged people and surprisingly of the female kind (déja vu - Salzburg all over? Who knows, though spare me the jealous one at the end please). That might just mean that I'll not do any drawing, but knowing me I'll figure out a moment when I do. What I'll draw? I don't know, but SUGGEST ANYTHING NOW because I doubt I'll have much internet there.

As I write this, there's a parent next to me doing work on some kind of digital newsletter and I'm doing digital paintworks for the facesketch of Delinius, even though I probably won't be able to finish it before I go. I just bought a power bank (or portable charger) after discovering the store keeps the things pretty much scattered across the place and it should be done by the time I wake up tomorrow, I think. And else there's all of Thursday for it to charge. I just hope the camping site has some form of electricity somewhere - this power bank is just about enough to fully recharge my phone 3 times (which relates to just about 4 times if you take into account my phone's battery usually isn't allowed to drop far below 30%). Even so, if I use my phone sparingly, it's unlikely to last all 9 days. I guess I'll just... turn it off sometimes? Damn.

Okay, I'm lying about the last part. I'll only really need my phone when we head back so that home knows when the hell I'm arriving (oh right, no parents joining me on the trip - fun times). Speaking of no parents, I also have a thing in August.

And it's preetty fun as well: INTRODUCTION WEEK. Actually 8 days but what the hell. Plenty of getting to know 14 people studying together with me, then about 4 times that for the people that are studying the same thing but in different years. Roughly 70 folks in total, I think it was. Sheesh. Latin and Greek definitely isn't a popular study, is it now. Also plenty of beer and other stuff - nobody cares too much that I'm officially underage. I might not always be responsible in school things and maybe social things, but at least I'm more responsible with drinking than probably 3/4 of the Dutch people my age. Boring? No, clever. I get to watch the really drunk people doing silly stuff and laugh as if I'm drunk. Or maybe I'll throw sense out of the window and truly get drunk myself. We'll just see.

Details: August 14-22, some place in the east of the land though you'll probably never have heard of it ever.

Also, an interesting thing is going on. My mobile service provider sent me a message that came down to 'yo we been around since 1999 and we messed up our system so now there's like 200 types of contract, and yours is like, old. Sooooooooo we thought maybe you should have one of our NEW CONTRACTS. It's a little bit more expensive but hey! We'll give you a discount if you decide now! And then for like 2 years it'll actually be cheaper! Also we give you free internet (but it's like slow so you can't really do much except messages but whatever). What do you say?' After 5 seconds of math I'm okay with that. Anyway, I hope people won't miss me badly. See you everypersons in a while, then.

Updaet #073 30-06-16 [From sprawled to scattered to fragmented to-]

(Insert barbecue joke about Delinius here) So, the actual summer break is almost here...

Despite severe nagging at my rear end I have not yet acquired a job and might not even simply because I am too old, unexperienced and try to do things well instead of quickly. Which indirectly means I am kind of being considered lazy/uncool/etc by the homefront which is uncool in itself as it causes me a good deal of nerves. Ugh.

My mother specifically is currently giggling at every other picture she's looking up on the internet, yet during the day confiscates half my day through 'asking' me to do something. Very unobviously, that's just the same as telling me to do something. I haven't been hugely productive - remember the canonity guideline? Considering the fact that it 1) got no reaction and 2) doesn't seem to remotely interest people at the moment (I do not speak this as a complaint but simply something I see). I also haven't wirtten much for Langton Incorporated (although I did set up a basic plan for The Great Mailman War, I suppose?) or paid much attention to certain things, specifically Mori's game idea. I'll get to reading that when it's mostly finished, sorry.

Meanwhile, the question of how the f[__] I'm supposed to get my finance working in regards to studying is in full motion and it looks like I first of all couldn't manage it financially to leave home earlier than halfway my second year (I am not willing to end up with a debt of more than 35k in euros - even with the lenient rules around it) and secondly the folks won't even consider an earlier departure. Well, guess that means I'm stuck at home (no, not Homestuck) for roughly two more years. On the bright side, I have a full 8 hours a week in a fairly calm train with no transfer to another train on the way - put more shortly, I'll have 8 hours a week that I can spend to my liking. I'll probably use a large part of it for the actual studying, but that doesn't mean none of it will be spent here or for something here.

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I eventually set up a deviantArt account. Mostly because I don't want to burden this place with literally everything I draw and for a small part because I had some things that were intended to go here and have some things that have no relation to Fan-Ball. WHATISFIREMAKINGNONFANBALLSTUFF- Well, not really. Just some random thing that happened during my self-invented 15 minutes of blank staring at the paper during my finals for French. A bunch or random scribble lines turned into a droplet-shaped creature which I then developed into things. Oh well.

There's also the thing where my efficiency in digitally overlaying a paper image has gone off the charts, and the thing where it means I'm slowly running out of work to do stuff with; I do have a small amount of drawings stacked up for scanning, but due to ridiculous weekends I've barely been to my grandmother - and no, having it scanned here at home's not an option because my parentfolks already know more than enough about the nature and reasons behind my creative works. Also a thing that's taken up some time, actually: a randomly developed story in Dutch up for reading to satisfy their curiosity.

I'm at a loss for any sort of plan or strategy to liberate me from this immense feeling of "SOMETHING'S WRONG/MISSING HERE" - and I don't even know where the feeling came from. On top of that I also feel like the effort I make... doesn't really make sense. It's nothing to blame on something or someone other than myself, it seems.

- Fire, broken-headed mind-broken fruitless uninspired out-of-ideas;

June 30th, 2016.

Updaet #072 10-06-16 [Okay why the hell did I want to do all of this???]

Currently experiencing a little problem with my thoughts being sprawled across an area the size of a small city - a minor thing that doesn't impede writing of The Incredubious Industrial too much. On top of that, we now have the fact that Hank is a military recruit for the next three years. This might sound odd, but that actually worries me. Meanwhile, I'm slowly piecing together several things as they happen:

  • Events of Delinius on the Delta timeline, and possible interaction with other characters (with a potential battle of the Ludusian government + the main cast against Delinius + Dwinians, and any local riots on mainland Gredile also being part of the entire thing)
  • More depth to Dwin and related things
  • A weapon that shoots rays of light like a bunch of lasers
  • Details on Delinius as the Reckoning happens
  • A possible "Non-turn-based moves" page that gives more idea about the full extent of Delinius' abilities, across various timelines as well (e.g. The Maintenancekeeper's abilities are much more time-based)
  • General interaction between Delinius and Baxter (mostly put aside until more about the character becomes available)
  • Digital reworking of drawings, which I've been putting off far too long (also because it takes long and is fairly unaccepted by those that watch my laptop, for whatever reason)
  • THE MAILMAN WAR, and related pets, currently also on a side track as I attempt to bring some order into my things - subpages/blogs here, files on my laptop/in my Drive account, papers in my room, etc.

Meanwhile, it is also a lot of fun when you go to some effort to get a little thing organised for your small class of music-making folks, and subsequently have everyone say "Oh sorry I didn't know it was still going to happen, I can't come" - literally (an) hour(s) before the dinner you've reserved is due. They should've organised it themselves rather than thinking I'd play nice and cancel a reservation an hour in advance, and move the damn dinner two weeks. Yeah, normally, I might've done that, but I have little interest in holding any sympathy to what I thought were people I could rely on. Perhaps I truly was always far away from everyone, then. Oh well, I'm fine. Aside from hay fever, I guess. (I imagine a Phi joke where Delinius sneezes fire now, shit)

Updaet #071 27-05-16 [The dust has settled. Also:Freedom?]

Yes, that's right, my finals ended yesterday. It'll be a question as to what happens to math, but the rest of my subjects shouldn't be much of a problem. Anyway, the questionmark indicates the likelihood that my laptop access will be somewhat limited - sad, yes. Doesn't matter, I have plenty of paper of various kinds at my disposal, so I'll just write on that for the time being. And draw stuff, as far as it's necessary (on that note, I'd be happy to try my hand at drawing Baxter, if I can get a bit of a description).

Speaking of drawings, I went out and made me an account on deviantArt. Seeing as Flameyman was taken, I've gone for Flameysalt. Ha ha. Don't expect too much from it just yet, but you'll see probably everything I draw (including some older but somewhat successful works that never got anywhere). I've given a short and simplified background on Delinius because that'd be completely without context otherwise. Oh and a mention to this site (also there was that group- wait that's dead mostly).

Also, things I'm writing down:

  • The Great Mailman War is an excellent title and I thank you for it, Luds;
  • Said thing will feature at least three more mailpets of my own, and on top of that any and all specific mailpets that have been made/will be made while I write. (Current instances would b Here's the Mail, PMail, and potentially two other Envelope-headed pets in existence.)
  • If Hank happens to bunp the site, hopefully he can give me an idea on how to incorporate Gamma Hankvi into The Incredubious Industrial - seeing as that's something the both of us mre or less thought to be an interesting feature.
  • After said story is done (and published and then ridden of its 2500 mistakes in span tags), I'll direct my attention to replacing that which has been placed in the Pi timeline; I will be spamming everything in order to have it become slightly more involved with everything, which will involve asking around for help with the involvement thing.
  • If that gets off the ground, it'll encompass two stories (with Voyage being something that I'll be able to rework myself), hopefully of better quality that what they're replacing.
  • Random note: both 'Dwinian' and 'Dwinean' are correct spellings of the same word.
  • On that random note, I should get around to fleshing that out sometime as well. Perhaps the summer and all its sun(? You never know in this shitty place) will give me inspiration or enlightment.

Speaking of replacement, I saw that hella Zex cool planning scheme by Ludicrine, and the start of The First Week. This interests me not just because I'm curious about Baxter, but also for 'selfish' reasons: The Incredubious Industrial (as well as Back to the Mainland) involves Baxter, and this'll benefit greatly from knowing a bit more about Bax' personality - the first impression of him that I had is somewhat accurate with what I've seen so far.

Yes, I'm ambitious as usual. I've discovered that I'll certainly be out for a week at the end of July and then near the end of August (14 to 21 August to be exact), in case my laptop isn't under heavy suspicion throughout the summer. I'll just have to wait for my new one and the two hours a day I'll be spending in the train for the coming year.

Updaet #070 13-05-16

I was supposedly leaving and letting things rest. That was, until we had someone vent his honest discontent in reply to my own. And what happens? A load of people trip and fall over it for no reason - things by angry people should be seen in light of their angry state, though I think that's something that hasn't happened much before. Either way, this is what I'm going to do.

  • Langton Inc. and Back to the Mainland will be moved to mainspace after I finish writing this.
  • Once I return properly, I'll give you folks that offer for incorporation into the larger plot. Let's see if any of you are willing to incorporate Delinius into something and/or like one or two ideas I'll put up to achieve this.
  • If you feel like being salty about the recent events, you're stealing my job and it will make me sad.

This last thing is not very seriously in tone, but I genuinely don't want the relative calm to be brutally murdered by yet another conflict. For goodness sake, I'm in the middle of my finals - I honestly could've given no fucks and remain silent (though I happen to have no exams on this day, hence why I'm writing all these replies).

Chill out, people. It's not like any of you have been insulted personally. Those that seek conflict shall find it and it shall be with me. Literally, seeing as WID has resolved to leave entirely, there's no reason for any of you to create a conflict at this point.

Updaet #069 06-05-16

I'm back, which is terrible of course. I feel terrible for Hank, what with the latest journal entry. That's all for now. I'll give you an entirely unrequested summary of Austria, though. 50% sunny weather, the rest somewhat shitty (but still overall better than the forecasts). I got lost with 4 more people in the streets of Salzburg, sung some cool things three times, and I got drunk for once. The interesting part is that there were a number of people my age - and quite a few of them girls (this is something that's normally not the case, mind you). I knew one pretty well - eight or so years would seem so, at least. Now then, after the last concert is the time when I got drunk - this acquaintance/whatever was also there but busy with somebody else, which was questionable considering age and- Either way, the next evening was a big party/dinner thing for all of us. Most tables were pretty filled and I, being the supposedly social guy liking to have them young people together pick the empty table. What did I get for it? Two of the girls seen last night went elsewhere (the same one again busy flirting in a way you shouldn't). Next to me at the table was now someone who hadn't really been visible much. And before anyone knew, I had a girl leaning against me with my arm being pulled across her shoulder. Well I'll be. Turns out someone was jealous. The one girl flirting away busily was also occasionally looking at the two of us, while we happily talked about things. Meanwhile the plan was to have a similar cozy seat in the bus on the way back. Of course, I get the honour of a nosy and beer-shaken jealous girl behind us in the bus. Poor soul. She shouldn't have waited - she had two separate occasions to make any sort of interests clear - and now it's essentially too late. Seems the older people already had figured out I'd end up with a girl at my side because suddenly they all made jokes. And now? I have an actual date, I guess! Okay, she lives slightly far away, but there's a thing called a train and it takes me there in an hour. There's also a slight age difference where I'm younger - and it doesn't matter a single bit. All of this doesn't mean I'm leaving, but it does mean I'll likely be busy with this - after my finals. In short, more than a month of RIP Fire. You won't miss me and my annoyed, impatient ass (not giving a nod to my newest blog post AT ALL), trust me. Unless, of course, some of you think I'm relevant. Either way, off goes Fire to do two hundred things, including 10 exam subjects, 3 music-related events during that, a number of parties after that, and then a great adventure. Sheesh, you'd almost think he has a life nowadays. No, I'm just kidding. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Updaet #068 25-04-16

Well, it turns out I didn't have to give up my life and soul being here as much as I thought. The fact I'm nevertheless not very active is mostly the fact my finals begin the 12th of May. On top of that, please note I will be in Austria from 4/30 to about 5/5. I have no idea about internet things while there, and I'll likely be busy either way - this is an awesome journey with the purpose of singing some awesome stuff several times (in a number of churches which will be bloody cold, most likely).

Oh, also! Timeline thingies. Excuse me for rudely shifting the order of Pi's stories, and excuse me times two for neatly pointing out that, while I was the first to write something for the Gamma timeline, I am, by a long shot, definitely not the person who got it started up - several others, especially Hank, have done more to shape the setting of that timeline. I've merely fitted in something about Delinius. And I have to update the SFANB concept for Delinius, but that'll come later.

WAIT A SECOND THIS WASN'T- The actual subject of this was going to be that I've been too creative as of late again - the drawing mania hasn't ended yet, and might not for the entire summer (GIVE ME AN ORDER, PLEASE, I'M RUNNING LOW ON IDEAS AAAA-).

This means that I have a QUESTION. You see, I've been making ART as if I am some EXPERT MASTER NINJA fool, but I'm not sure about simply uploading everything. True, it's all related to the wiki's canon, so there isn't much of a problem SPOOF. I simply wonder what you might think about it. Below is a poll. Elaboration on your answer isn't always obligatory, but it is appreciated very much (even though I'll likely not be able to give much and/or fast responses at the moment.)

[Insert poll here; 4 votes in favour of uploading art]

Of course, you can also write twenty paragraphs with a philosophy on this question, which is also entirely legitimate as far as replies go.

Updaet #067 11-04-16

Good job Fire, you've somehow managed to fail uploading your scans to your Drive twice now. Either way, the art explosion continues, with an angry-looking Delinius wearing an armored vest and creating a literal wall of fire behind him. That, and a drawing involving Delinius and Lyka sitting wherever together. There's also a drawing of his desk with some paperwork on it (neatly put into boxes, but one of those fell off and spilled paper all over).

Oh, and another drawing of that phlogiston-based thing, because I lost the original (and the new drawing is actually much, much cooler and scarier). And... oh right, Delinius watching some structure burning in 'his' stretch of desert. "I am no pyromaniac, no arsonist." Yeah, Delinius, you're not an obsessed pyromaniac or arsonist, but don't try to pretend that you never set something on fire if you hate it. Delinius is actually slightly more manipulative than I'd originally had in mind.

I don't know what it is with my drawings as of late. There's just a lot more of them. Perhaps I should set up something off-site to showcase them, but at the same time they make no sense when placed out of their context. Most of them, at least.

The weather has been incredibly sunny over the past few days, though tomorrow (Tuesday) supposedly becomes a gloomy feast of spring rains. Even so, the warmer season's coming and with it the annual Spring Sneezefest (tm) where my nose is to be considered the key to numerous violent ourbursts of noise (which is me sneezing, something you don't want to have your ears close to). But otherwise, I'm alive and doing things.

On a different note, though, there's still that thing where a bunch of us people were confused and tangled around the Delta timeline. Whatever happened, I do not want any more about it and I think the Pi timeline thing should work just fine. IF, however, you had an idea for a Pi timeline, I'll happily move things around again when you ask me so.

I'm talking to the walls again, aren't I. Well then. Not that this has much coherence in the first place, really.

Updaet #066 29-03-16 [DEEEEEMMOOOOOONNNSS- And other things.]

AAAAAAAA ha66ii- Either way, those demons calling themselves religious have struck in Brussels - bringing these terror things rather close to home. Quite a shitty surprise around Easter, but oh well. Easter has been pleasantly empty (and for some reason I also have today off, which is sweet). I did only a few things, but that's not necessarily bad:

  • I scanned a full eight (8) drawings, two of which are sadly obsolete at this point (for possible recycling use later I still scanned those). This includes sketches from as far back as 2015 for Ina, Lyka and Maltus, and more recent ones, including offspring and a coloured version of that one drawing I made for Mori, hopefully with accurate colours on the suit. There's also one drawing that I'm quite proud of - and that's the only drawing I'm going to upload straight away.
  • Wrote up a bit more for Langton Incorporated though I have yet to find a way to clarify a jump of several years without massive plot holes. (inb4 holes joke)

There are a few things I'll probably do:

  • Another MAIL PET. Probably plural. One decently simple (stacking those mail boxes yo), the other another of those overcomplicated animationmajigs.
  • Write a little background on some 'side characters' included in my insignificant writing that you'll never read or accept into mainspace- *shot*
  • Sicnec and &cactus
  • Reorganise the mess that is my subpages and blog posts. This is important yet difficult. To give a reason why: how about the fact at least 5 different notebooks (formerly in use for school) are used to write/draw my things in, without much logic or sequence. Feh.
  • Also try to reorganise this ridiculous Internet Chat Adventure that I mentioned a few posts earlier, I think. I unknowingly insulted somebody yet I am still deemed deserving to be something of a friend. Curious.
  • Learn to work more with; it has features that could very well come into play if I am to improve the quality of my digital things.

Meanwhile, what remains to be done in and out of school is preparing for my finals - something that may very well be combined with my activities here, but I can't guarantee such yet. Additionally, I've ceased to believe my mother's talk of how it is impossible for me to go live out on my own due to finance:

  • At most €867,- a month thanks to the government letting students take such a loan on them (our government used to supply an actual gift, but that's been reworked because it was way too costly for the state's finances); it is worth taking this maximum amount.
  • Roughly €400,- a month of alimentation by El Dad.
  • Possibly a job; otherwise money I've saved up from a job I hope to get after my finals.

At least 1200 a month? Exactly. Most of what I don't spend will be sitting on a savings account. Why is it worth taking on such a loan? My friends (or not), this is because the interest rates of this stuff is ridicularious and currently at 0,01%. Of course that'll be higher around the time I actually study, but I'll build up a debt of about 20 to 30 thousand, but don't let that fool you. I have 35 years to pay it, and on top of that it's income-based. Through some curious formula, a number comes flying out and that's the monthly amount you have to pay - going by the example I saw at a little information evening, I know that this is a fair deal, as anything that's left after the 35 years of payment is simply disappearified. Cool, isn't it?

In short: all those worries were BS and I'll have some more freedom in a year or two. This talk of finance brings me to a different thing that is massive news:

It is 80% certain that I'm getting a new laptop for my birthday.

OMGWTFISFIREGOINGTOHAVEANEWLAPTOP- I sure am. New and better. My grandma and her infinite goodness will take care of the cost of such. Introducing the new friend,,,, an Asus X550ZE-DM159T. Coming on my birthday at its latest, unless my current laptop feels it wants to convince everyone else it's had its best days.

At 15,6 inches it is in every way quite average. Forgot the weight, but I'm certain it doesn't have lead plating. It has a price, but it's got something to show for that money.

  • 12 GB of RAM comes on this thing by default (1×8 GB and 1×4 GB; means there's room for replacing the 4 with 8 making 16). 12 GB won't be an unnecessary luxury once I'm able to spend my free time with less interference.
  • A CPU that runs much better than this one - 2,5 GHz base speed, but it can go to 3,4 if necessary. Let's hope it does not melt if that is done for prolonged periods of time. As a bonus it is a quad-core processor.
  • Proper graphics chip, though my current laptop had a decent one as well either way.
  • 1 TB of HDD space. Why not the SSD fancyness? No. Aside from price, screw those; even at this stage, I'd rather have my storage space on board than have a slightly faster boot time. Sure, external hard drives, but I'm going to be travelling by train quite a lot - I don't want to take the risk of losing it at any point.
  • The only 'downsides' I can think of is only 2 USB ports, which might be a little inconvenient at times. I'll probably still have just my mouse plugged in in most cases, so I'll take that for granted regardless. Another thing some inane fool spoke of was that the touchpad wasn't placed exactly in the middle. EXCUSE YOU, SIR. I've discovered mine is also off-center, and did I ever notice before this? Nope. Get over yerself, man! This thing is €619,- !!!

Yeah, that's pretty expensive. My apologies is that makes somebody jealous because that's not how I intended this... either way, here's something to describe how I feel: [This song.]

//is bludgeoned to death for singing the above song// My life is such a disorganised, chaotic, ridiculous thing that I've become the very same, and I love it. Despite what terror I put myself through because of it. I hope that all of this might cast a slightly brighter light, especially on the troubles that may very well plague some.

Updaet #065 24-03-16

I'm alive again. This Monday I fell off my bike and shredded the palms of my hands. And I was, for inane reasons, really pissed, simply because I get pissed whenever I fall with or off of my bike. Either way, it was inconvenient as heck due to the examination week I was in the middle of. Fortunately, my school is lenient with that and granted me a laptop to make German, which was yesterday, seeing as my left hand was a mess and unable to write at any decent pace. Either way, all of these tests and whatnot have ENDED. In addition, I have seas of time. Read carefully. My parents know I write stories now, though they haven't quite been able to read what those are. This means that, the entirety of tomorrow, I will be able to write as much as I please. I'll probably be off a few times for various reasons, but if there was that one thing that you wanted me to see/write/whatever, now is the ultimate time. Likewise, I will hopefully have a bit more relaxation the next week or two when the last few regular lessons are just lels and fun and I have nothing I really have to do. In any case, I'm going to publish another update to Langton Incorporated this evening. Bear with me as I haven't yet edited in colour tags everywhere (I started somewhere at the beginning, then went on writing and added them as I wrote - it's therefore quite messy right now). Due to the fact that we don't need the description of another ten years, some little unobvious jumps will make it more bearable to read. You might notice this guy called Sigmond. You'll see him again, eventually. Aside from this, I am in doubt as to what the latest poll has resulted in, or if it has a result yet in the first place. Quite hilarious that I kind of went overboard and set my vote to 'all mainspace', but who even cares at this point, heheh. I'll stop ranting for now.

Updaet #064 05-03-16 [I am dead, but alive. Paradoxes galore.]

I died. But my dead self looked at the mess he'd made and, now no longer helped by his parents, began planning and working on his school projects - all on his own initiative. I've found the way to go. I have no help, even though I do. I am an absolute piece of incompetent fuckery, and I will constantly remind myself of it. What is this? I would love to explain it, but I'm already using too much of my precious time better spent fixing my dire situation. In short: I am finally able to tackle a project by myself. Using self-insult and tactical self-delusion. It's all a massive contradiction. I am a massive contradiction. Of a whopping 125 pounds. My mental sanity is a lack thereof. And on top of that I congratterlate Mori on modship/rollback and yet I see a potential saltstorm, which I deeply fear in this state. May. The month of May.


Updaet #063 26-02-16 [Study and finance... and everything else.]

Interesting. It seems my dream of escaping my lousy parent home and achieve freedom is completely shattered by financial things revolving around my studying later on. This means that:

  • I still won't be able to do entirely as I wish;
  • I WILL be active more.

This latter point still holds true because I only have roughly 15 hourss of actual college time every week, and probably one day off due to how that works. On top of that I'll likely be at home the entirety of my studies, so I'll have an hour in the train between home and college. Which means two hours of time I can spend on something for here. Whether or not that will render me more productive remains to be seen. But it counts, most certainly.

I've begun on a vague replacement idea for the two Alpha-Fixed stories. I might post the details at some point. Aside from that, Hank's Submachine Subplot has lead me to dive back into that series for a bit, and I'm currently planning something interesting (though not necessarily relevant).

On a more short-term note, though, my home is empty on Sunday. I will be doing some musicy stuff (a band, to be exact), but it leaves me some time to plya le tee eff too, in case anyone who does that is interested. Can't say for sure what time and everything, but it's definitely not in your morning, fortunately.

Updaet #062 23-02-16

I'm going to die most certainly. I've let several things run on as they were and I'll have to pull stunts once again to avoid being yelled to death over school things.

On another note, though, I'm going to scrap Downwards and Deliniate as "stories intended for canon." Why? Because they're not great as it is and any sort of development to them seems impossible. What will I do with them? If anyone wants them to be left on-site, I'm alright with that. Just know that they are not going to be put in mainspace and their events may or may not end up being scrapped for a large part. Only key elements might remain in place so as to not shred any other plans apart any further.

What will replace them I have yet to think of. What I do know is that it will involve more of the other protagonists, for once. Hopefully nobody is too shocked by this. If you have questions, remarks, ideas, complaints, etc. let me know. They're all equally welcome, as a matter of fact.

Updaet #061 13-02-16: Broken.

Yes. Especially in the mind department. Perhaps my forehead and probably my right wrist as well. Projects where you spend dozens of hours and still get the feeling you didn't do well enough. I need no sympathy as far as I'm concerned. I haven't been around much either way. I probably won't be because of this shitwork for shitty projects and all the additional shit they require. On top of this, I think we can safely say this internet chat thing is... heh. It lead to me writing another story based on whatever happened there, and to a grand loss of sleep. And yet, when people live in the US, it becomes tricky for me to catch them despite disregarding the need for sleep.

I sometimes wish I could escape. For now, though, I'll stick with this thing called absurdism. It makes life more bearable and humourous. Hopefully, you don't need me. I personally think nobody is supposed to either way. For all I know I talk to a brick wall. Everyone's away and all I can do is write until my life improves. I am really broken-headed.

Updaet #059/060 01-02-16: A DOUBLE UPDAET???

This would've been two separate ones, until I realised I was writing something before I'd even posted the previous one. #059 covers only one thing, but #060 is a pretty big one in size. Here goes.

#059: To blatantly disregard someone's advice.

My grandmother of course believes I shouldn't actually write to my dad and tells me to let it rest and accept shit. Or something like that.

No. I'm just no. If I indeed forget about my dad and ignore him, it's only going to put him in more bad things. If I am to believe what my dad's uncle envisioned a while ago - and I'd rather you don't question his judgement - my dad is bound to spend his old days in ruin and possibly in great debt. All her fault. Breaking contact entirely will do more harm to him than it does good to me - and it does me no good in the first place. I will not change my mind about this decision regardless of any opinions of people colse to me. Screw that, seriously. It's my goddamn right to.

However, all of this does make me realise that there is one thing I put into Delinius which reflects me, that thing being an ability to utterly, blatantly disregard everybody and do as I decide, even though I only do so in cases like this entire dadquestion. Perhaps Delinius is my persona after all, despite not resembling me visually at all. I amaze myself with that sort of stuff.

#060: The Great Rewriting V100 & Other things

Things to work on in (re)writing:

  • Finish work on Back to the Mainland (colour tags; possibly use span style tags in the future.)
  • Complete Langton Incorporated (shouldn't take excessively long)
  • Begin on The Incredubious Industrial (yes, "incredubious" is now my favourite word)

Other things. Yeah... Listen, I have zero problem with both Baxter and the Alpha locking, but on the subject of the latter I frankly wonder if it's best to do so and more importantly if we should lock it permanently. Not to sounds rude by such, please. This is just my doubt, and I don't have any arguments as to why it shouldn't be done. No arguments that I personally see, to be exact.

This does bring me to the century-old question of the canonity issue. Underlined indeed. Before your imagination draws the wrong conclusion, I am still just writing with all my soul and not bothered by subpage work and everything. What I am slowly facepalmed about is how unclear everything is. I personally had no idea that Alpha was to remain untouched completely.

Then there's the fact that there doesn't seem to be a clear decision about canon: are we going to keep everything as-is until further notice, or are we going to set up some guidelines to decide over canonity? I vaguely remember Zoshi stating that we should do the latter, and that's what I'm assuming at the moment.

What do I want to say? I am saying that communication seems awfully hampered for some reason. That, or I haven't been paying attention. Note well that this is not an offense towards anyone, nor is it meant to be. I simply need this out before it turns into something nastier - I know myself a little too well to let that happen again. Again, I am not constantly bothered by this and more focused on the actual writing without a problem. Any thoughts that I were not may be dumped in the trashbin. The same applies for salt.

Last but by far not least: Thislink irrelevant. The Conspicously Hidden File Cabinet, similar to Hank's Sanctuary except less organised and much less awesome. Look at it if you want; it will contain stuff that I might not have bothered to upload and/or publish here. And if you're there anyway, check out "INTRODUCTION" and the "Activity stuff" folder, as they're both pretty important. Do bear with me as some of it will be incredubious in length (just like this double Updaet- *shot*)

Take your time to read this because I've spent about 5 hours in total on #059, #060 and the entirety of the introduction and activity things. Waste of time? Nah. There's no such thing as a waste of time if it's for this wiki.

Updaet #058 26-1-16: Back to the Mainland - almost done

That's right. With currently about 60% more content (from roughly 50k bytes in size to slightly over 80k), it's almost done. I just need to finish the epilogue section, add a few colour tags for minor figures and it'll be done. And then I'll finish Langton Incorporated, because that's been inert for quite some time now.

But where do I place these within the Gamma timeline? Does Gamma more or less match up Alpha up to some point? Doesn't matter too much for now. Once Langton Inc is also done (which I hope to be before my summer break), Sunrise Industries would be next on my list... I've scrapped its original plot, but thanks to Hank(s), the story itself will be written, likely under a different title. Thing is...

I start university after summer. Somewhere in September. I have no idea how busy it might be and to what extent I'll be able to be over here, let alone publish anything. Not to worry, though, as I'll definitely make good use of pen and paper in lieu of a potential lack of laptop time - in fact, the largest part of what I just added to Back to the Mainland was written down on a noteblock first. I've not only got enough space left in that, I've even got a second one which has plenty of empty pages too. No way for me to run out of space to scribble on.

The short version: Back to the Mainland is about to be finished, Langton Inc will be finished as soon as I can, the idea of Sunrise Industries will be made into a story regardless and it is likely I won't be as active as before after September this year. Wow.

Updaet #057 18-1-16: An internal monologue and a subsequent line of thoughts

Up to this time, I was told to be quiet. So as to not harm the situation any further, of course. But the fact was that I cannot hear my mother in a fuss, Over the fuckery on my dad's part, and being kept quiet nonetheless. At last, I am allowed to write something at him. It will be fun. I will bring it positive, but it will hopefully still piss him off. Or rather, piss his wife off, and trigger this magical thing: a RESPONSE. The time for the sending of my message is set: January 2017. By that time, I am my own person, 18 years of age. Responsible for my own statements and therefore not pushed by anyone else. God help me, if any such god exists in a world like this.

~January 18, 2016.

A year shall pass; then thou art considered an adult man. And thy words show no accusation; they shall only show your father a son that cares, and demands an aswer. For goodness sake, he has had enough opportunities to reply! If he ever reads your words at all, that is, something you seem to doubt. You know, however, that he does care in the end. Distant as he is, in place and in silence, he cannot possibly have forgotten you.

That's as archaic as I can make it. If I truly do not get any response, whether that be a return message, a call, or anything else, there is always my original plan. In several years, I will have finished my studies, at which point my father is no longer obliged to send me a ridiculously low amount of money every month. And when this time arrives! I will find his address, which he cannot hope to hide, and I will visit it. I'll knock on that door, or even ring. Even when it is the woman who answers the door, I will carry out my plan.

I will wish them a good day, ask how things are going. But the point is to say that I'm doing great, and have just finished my studies. I'll wish them fortune and good luck for the future, also with their daughter. I'll also say that I will always remain open to communication, though in different words.

And when I've said everything I wish to say, I will turn around. No words may stop me in it, and if anything truly important has to be said to me, they can always send me a message, or in fact call me, seeing as my phone number hasn't changed since.

I can only hope that I do not bring doom upon myself with what I am going to do. If for some reason it screws up, I truly hope there is a god and that that god might feel like helping me.

For now, though, there is nothing to be worried about. But my decision to write is definite, and it will hapen (sic). It will all unfuckerise itself in the end.

Updaet #056 14-01-16

Rewrites of Back to the Mainland. Do you remember the story? Well, that was before Langton Inc. was thought up. Plenty of things will change, including turning the format around from dialogue story to something more like Langton Incorporated's style. I might look into adding colours into the text the way I've seen it here, though I'll have to invent colours for a few characters within these stories.

What's changing? Plenty of things, and the story itself will probably be longer. Delinius acts much more to annoy and distract the LDZX gang and even ends up being called a public enemy - even though he has performed 100% distactive and 0% criminal things. It allows his (former) refugees to make their way to an abandoned distribution facility and set up there. Once that's complete, though, there's a little bit more. More details are found hereno longer accurate (at least, they will be very soon after I write this).

This entire thing is somewhat necessary so as to improve the rather low quality I felt it had. And that's when Langton Inc isn't even finished, although I do have an idea of where it ends.

Updaet #055 11-01-16

The coming year should bring plenty of storywriting for me:

  • Finish Langton Incorporated and its already 14,000 word count;
  • Sunrise Industries is up next (possibly take a closer look at the plot I had in mind for it);
  • A background story that describes the history of Percidas;
  • Try to give Delinius' Doublizarro counterpart Merita more of a clear design (potentially a character (user sub)page);
  • Anything else that might come to mind and everything else that anyone might ask me to do.

I can only look forward as far as finishing Langton Inc this year. I might end up starting Sunrise this year, but chances are my laptop access during the summer holidays will not be that extensive. For all I know, I might end up spending a lot of time going through Langton Inc. after finishing it to improve it - dammit, this is becoming a habit, isn't it. Oh well.

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