Hello, people of Fan-Ball. How are all of you been since I left almost three years ago?

I've wanted to come here to inform that I finished my service in the military since February and am not continuing an extended service, following a particularly stressful duty I've had yet. Meanwhile, I was enjoying that limelight that I had before by:

  • Drawing dotpict pictures of the Havresbent cast (in the Drawing Board but kind of discontinued)
  • Playing OFF and HOME (done as well as finding THIS)
  • YouTube watching aimlessly
  • Playing Godville on my phone
  • Learning more programming
  • or what have you

However, with that freedom come many tribulations and decisions to be made to find a job, a degree in education and potential happiness in life. Along the way thinking of some ideas to get back on the Fan-Ball saddle.


The actual reason I'm writing this is because earlier today on 321-19, a relative I was very close to (it was my mother) had passed away silently while I was sleeping and... I felt like I should've done something like sometime prior and knowing that her days were numbered... but I listened to her senility and thus we were too late. I say we, because dad took care of her almost 24/7.

Following the aftershocks that me and dad have are feeling, eventually we'd get over that - well for me anyway, as if my will hadn't further degraded.

This community is practically the only one where I feel at home that such personal issue can be addressed, also noting that I'm not completely gone, but feel... I guess remorseful if that's the proper term. What's done is done anyways - I should let time do its thing for positive causes.

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Thanks so much to everyone commenting their condolences. Losing someone in such a young life (me being 23 as of this writing) is indeed devastating, but not unheard of. Although this kind of scar wouldn't leave me until my life's end, I'd be forced to move on into the future with this wiki and Dan-Ball (among other things) being spare-time hobbies.

This would ultimately mean that I wouldn't be as active as I was before I joined the service, as I scour for a potential degree in computing and then find a job and a life to settle down into. I mean, its been exactly 2 months since I finished my military service, so focusing on the future is my main priority now...

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