This blog post will be updated with information about my schedule or school situation, among other smalltalky things.

Update Schedule

[2019] 8^y

Stay tuned.

The Great Story-Phasing

Alright, so here's what's gonna happen:

  • Alpha Timeline: Serrangios are canon. All characters remain relatively unchanged. The Cuts story arc is to be removed, and all characters that are no longer relevant as a result of such should likewise be deleted.
  • Beta Timeline: Serrangios are not canon. Baxter will appear in Beta as well, hopefully providing insight towards his character that will be useful for writing him in other Timelines.
  • Phi Timeline: Replace the character Ludicrine (henceforth "Ccrine" or "Oldicrine") with Baxter where possible. Shouldn't be too hard.
  • Any other Timeline: Serrangios are not canon, Ccrine will be replaced with Baxter, and everything is fine and dandy now that I get to keep my own beautiful winged children for my own nefarious purposes (keeping them in a vault until I expire)

The Pecking Order

  • Less Soon
    • Edit Shane
    • Rework Cobalt (Character) into a functional Beta character
    • Dictate that something be done about Lucifer
    • Dictate that something be done about Trewinnard
    • Transfer information from Iala before editing
    • Transfer information from The Mistress before deleting
    • Figure out what that Sauicrine dude is about
    • Eradicate all Doomer content
  • Soon't
    • Create a small story introducing Baxter and solidifying him into canon
    • Edit Ludicrine/User:Ludicrine/Oldicrine to properly include all Alpha/Beta happenings and explain his relationship with Baxter
    • Replace Ludicrine with Baxter in all non-Alpha stories
    • Remove all unwanted traces of: Serrangios, the Cuts arc, concepts originating from or exclusive to the Cuts arc
    • Edit all character pages to no longer mention Oldicrine outside of Alpha appearances, and then minimize the Alpha section of the bio to give way to ongoing Timelines

Uh, the Biddenning...?

I originally started a project a while back to cut down on the number of pets I've got lying around, but that's a whole lot of work with not a lot of payoff. It's going to be put indefinitely on hold, since my page is currently a big ol' nightmare that I don't want to deal with, but I'm not ruling anything out just yet.

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