• TechnoSpaceKitty

    Hello guys, this is TechnoSpaceKitty, and today we will touch up on three subjects, Badges, Trolls, and Admins.


    I'm mainly making this for the badge, but i might as well make it useful for others. I am going to try to earn most of the badges if i can't get all of them. My goal is to become an Administrator to this Wiki, i feel i'd be very helpful to others, and i tend to be nice to others.


    To be honest, sometimes I troll too, but i NEVER abuse my powers, and in fact, i hate most other trolls. I've got to say, Speddos is among the annoying, so im glad hes finally gone, with all his sockpuppets and alt accounts. Its very annoying to see someone who changes all your hard work into rubble, and creates useless links from items, likeā€¦

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