The purpose of this page is to (1) describe Wiki Acts in great, lengthy, and in-depth detail, (2) provide an organized and central umbrella page for all Wiki Acts, and (3) to have another Wiki Act page.

What are Wiki Acts?

Wikia's policies are not set in stone. They provide a general guideline on how to run a wiki, but the way wikis function is largely based on the interpretation of the community.

Wiki Acts are rules and policies that the Fan-Ball Wiki has but are not on other wikis. The purpose of these acts range from providing emphasis on certain issues to laying down a basic set of rules.

Wiki Acts may be proposed by any user, but should only be created by administrators after group consensus is reached.

List of Wiki Acts

In order from oldest to newest:

  • Anti-Speddos Act: Details protocol involving alternate accounts and vandals who abuse them.
  • Page Protection Act: Details protocol involving protecting pages.
  • Wiki Acts: Details wiki acts and their functions.
  • Proper Blocking Act: Details protocol involving the proper punishments in terms of blocking users.
  • Proper Deleting Act: Details protocol involving the deletion of articles, images, and other pages.
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