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I'll end this war once and for all!

—Zoshi, Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates

Zachary Isles

Zoshi (Iguanalypse)

Birth Date
-777 ADC (Aged 26 Ludusian Years)
The Kuipter Files: Finale
The Planet's Shadow: HToL

Basic Info and Background

Zachary Isles was born into the dragon royalty whose kingdom inhabited the islands of southeastern Ludus. Not to far into his life, Zach and the rest of the dragons were faced with the infamous invasion by the Zeronius clan of Dark Matters, which devastated parts of the planet and killed off the vast majority of the dragons, including Zach's father. Soon after the cataclysm, Zach is confronted by Mainyu, who directs him to a time warp which would transport him into the future.

Zachary arrives on Ludus several hundred years in the future, quite dazed and bewildered. He soon runs into Ludicrine, and the two soon come to acquaintance in their shared knowledge of how to domesticate Ludusian monsters. Ludicrine helps Zach become more knowledgeable about how his world has changed over the past several hundred years, and the two pioneer an organization that specializes in taming monsters, which begins to grow exponentially over the next bit of time.

Later, after having already becoming acquainted with Revelian, he discovers via Kuipter that said dark matter was in fact the murderer of his father those centuries ago. Zachary eventually comes to terms with the fact that Revelian was incapable of recognizing or even controlling his action at the time, and that the Revelian he knows now would never betray him.

Significant plot details about Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates end here.


Zachary is a Ludusian dragon, whose skin is of a dark grey or black color. He has green eyes and black hair typically styled in a rather messy fashion. When he carries his weapon, his choice is a one-handed sword, most likely an heirloom of some sort from his short-lived royalty days, and more recently a handgun as more advanced foes began appearing.


Zachary is commonly referred to as the "leader" of the group, usually taking charge whenever things go wrong. He has had the protagonist role in nearly every single story this far, save for a few.

He is also usually collected, staying calm in serious situations, except for when certain things piss him off, or on occasions where he is faced with an impossible situation, in which he may break down. Zach, in important situations has a drive to make decisions, making him an effective leader, however sometimes these decisions are rash or based on a temporary drive. Zachary is often a driving force of optimism, pushing his allies towards their goal when all hope seems lost (This also contributes to his role as the Heir of Hope in the SFANB Session in the Sigma Timeline).

Considering his temporal displacement, Zachary may often be subject to having certain wordplay or social commentary go over his head. Zach is also sometimes confused by modern Ludusian technology, often having bizarre hypothesis for how things work, or attributing them to some sort of magic, after which corrections by others can often lead to his embarrassment. Being ex-royalty, Zach is prone to taking some services for granted, although his relatively grounded nature prevents him from being oblivious to these types of slip ups, which he tries to avoid.

RPG Info

Stat Trend

The way Zachary's stats tend to be. He has pretty balanced stats with a subtle emphasis on speed. He can be relatively versatile, being able to use quick melee techniques in defense and offense as well as magic spells. Can put out good damage but doesn't tend to last as long as some characters due to a mediocre health pool.

Zoshi Stats 2

Stats from Stories

Combat Apparati

  • PSI Freeze PSI Freeze - Freeze-Type damaging psionic attack.
  • PSI Fire PSI Flame - Fire-Type damaging psionic attack, hits multiple targets.
  • Sword Slash - Physical-Type damaging attack. Potential hit combos.
  • PSI Starstorm PSI Starstorm - Heavy damaging attack, hits all targets.
  • Magnum Shot - Fires a damaging shot that has a small flinch chance.


  • Zoshi's Sword - Heirloom Sword - Zoshi's main use, tried and true weapon. Just the right length to allow for quick, yet powerful strikes. 
  • Zoshi's Gun - Semi-Automatic Magnum Pistol - A secondary-use weapon for when swords are of little or no use, or in the case of armed enemies. Does moderate damage and has good stopping power. 
  • Zoshi's Necromancy - Necromancy - Magic abilities regarding death-related properties, including the raising of the dead. Zoshi gains this ability after following Chaos, which occurs some time before Worlds in Ruin.


  • Dragon Wings - Allows for damage immunity from ground-based attacks.
  • Scaley Skin - Reduces damage taken from fire-based attacks.
  • ZX Symbol Mini Insomnia - Has a 90% chance to resist Sleep, otherwise the duration is halved.
  • Undying Hope - Lessens the effects of all debuffs by X%. Does not account for status effect's stat reduction.
  • Chaos Blessing Chaos Blessing - Allows use of necromancy and revives upon death unless completely destroyed. (Exclusive to Post-Descent, Alpha (Doomed) Zachary)
  • One-Handed Sword Specialization - Zachary is trained in the use of one-handed swords, causing him to have the best stat setup when equipped with a sword or other similar weapon. Every stat is increased by 1 for each level he has when equipped with a blade.


  • It's rumored that Zoshi has been using the powers granted to him by Chaos to make himself live longer prior to the events of Worlds in Ruin. Whether this is true or not is unknown, as clear information on it has yet to be revealed.