This article refers to the Zalgo fragments that appeared in Corruption: He Comes and Minor Character Story: Their Time To Shine, and not the complete form of Zalgo.


—Zalgo, Corruption: He Comes, text non-corrupted for your convenience

Zalgo, God of Corruption


Interdit (Impossible to determine)
Interdit; referred to as Male for simplicity.
Beyond age
Has removed the need for pointless things such as "family".
Corruption Zone
Pinkie Pie (servant), Revelian (Puppet, used for energy)
First Story Appearance
Corruption: He Comes
Most Recent
Minor Character Story


Zalgo is the god of corruption, and the primary antagonist of Corruption: He Comes. Residing in the Corruption Zone, a massive mockery of SR World, Zalgo planned an invasion of the world using Revelian as a power source. He had a servant, Pinkie Pie, unleash monsters called "Shadows" in order to impede the gang while he prepared. However, not only did the gang decimate them, this inadvertently caused them to get Zalgo's weakness, the Elements of Acceptance. The gang confronted Zalgo at the end of the story, but are decimated by him easily. Luna managed to get Revelian to attack Zalgo, which made Pinkie realize that there is hope. Realizing this, she turns on Zalgo and transfers her element to Revelian in order to give him the power to stop Zalgo. However, even with this, Zalgo was still too powerful, using the corruption around him to recover his body from damage. Revelian, realizing the battle was hopeless, harnesses the new-found elements of Acceptance and used them to defeat Zalgo.

Before The Stories

Before the events of Corruption, Zalgo had originally appeared to Pinkie Pie in Equestria, while she was suffering from the extreme amounts of envy because of Revelian and Luna. He manipulated her to join his side, offering to make Revelian love her and not Luna. Due to the extreme amounts of envy, she willingly gave herself to Zalgo. He had her implant corruption into Revelian, which made him head towards the Corruption Zone.

Role in other stories

A remnant of Zalgo was manipulating Zoshi, while he was also suffering from envy. He took control of him, causing him to attempt to break Revelian and Luna up. This led to Luna getting raped, but Revelian defeated Zoshi and managed to stop Zalgo.

Another, weaker fragment would later appear in the Minor Characters Story. He revived/brought back several major antagonists, and used them to take over Ludus. He is the main antagonist of that story.

Major Relationships

He hates any and every single person in existence, and wants nothing more then to corrupt them and turn them into mindless monsters of corruption and chaos. However, he does have a few "relationships".

Revelian: Used for energy. He also placed him into a catatonic state, not only to give his end of the bargain to Pinkie, but to also make sure he wouldn't become a threat. This failed, however, when Zalgo starts to choke Luna during the final battle. Revelian temporarilly snapped out of his state and attacked Zalgo, knocking him into a wall. Zalgo attacks and begins to electrocute Revelian, but Pinkie saves him and transfers her element onto him, permanently snapping him out of the state.

Pinkie: Used as a servant. (read Before The Stories to see his relationship with her in greater detail) During the final battle, Pinkie betrays him.

Zoshi: Used to try and kill Revelian during Jealousy. This failed, and Zalgo was defeated again.


Zalgo appears as a tall, monstrous humanoid creature. His body is black, and flickers with red static. When angry, black tentacles rip out of his body, and eyes start to pop up on his body. His head is large and strange looking, almost mechanical-looking, with large, empty eyes and a small mouth (That can be heavily distorted at will).


  • The Zalgo that the gang faces in the story is only an escaped fragment of the larger entity of Zalgo, a horrendous and massive horrorterror that is likely indestructable by currently known means.
  • Zalgo is, by far, one of the strongest villain in the series. He could not be defeated by any means other than the Elements of Acceptance, and any attempts to defeat him in his primal form were completely fruitless. All other villains could be defeated with the skill of the group, save for perhaps Celestia, but Zalgo not only shrugged off all attacks the group threw at him, he completely annihilated them. So far, the only one that could match that is Asterion.
    • However, the fragment that appears in Minor Character Story was much weaker than the fragment from Corruption. This was due to the fact the corruption that managed to breach into reality was much more smaller and weaker. However, even then, the weaker fragment managed to revive and retrieve a large amount of the villains from the Fan-Ball lore.
    • It is also known that the full form of Zalgo is a being that is more powerful than Chaos.


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